Infinity Loop – April 2015 Report

Let’s preface this report by saying that this month was not a productive month for Moebius Adventures. I’m learning a ton, but it’s been a challenge between home, work, and writing to get any forward momentum. But we shall persevere. 🙂

Upcoming Projects

The Purple Lotus (Art by Mickey Fitzpatrick, (c) 2015)

The Purple Lotus (Art by Mickey Fitzpatrick, (c) 2015)

That said, work proceeds on the third adventure in the Lost Age Adventures series with Vince Florio. His adventure – The Purple Lotus – is coming together nicely once I got going. It will be in a slightly different format – full 8.5″ x 11″ pages, two columns – with much more art.

The downside is this adventure is going to be epic in costs, so we’ll be raising the rates on this one. Not sure by how much yet, but I hope to offer it not only as a PDF, but also POD, which will add some time and experimenting.

We’re looking at $3.99 for the PDF and $7.99 for the POD version. We’ll see how it goes.

Keep your fingers crossed. 🙂

Once that is done, I’ll get back to working on the next Insta-NPCs installment – Cults & Cultists. And I have some help on this one from Kenny Norris (Solo Roleplayer) so it should be a good one too.

If all goes well, you’ll see both of these by the end of May. If not, then June. 🙂

I’ll add the rumor here of a crazy one day sale in May for my birthday again as well. How crazy will I get THIS year? 🙂

April Web Traffic

So how’d we do with web traffic in April? Fewer posts and products meant fewer page views again. We dropped by about 20%…



Our top 5 articles were…

  1. What I Learned Taking Apart a DCC Module
  2. Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day Sale
  3. The Snake’s Heart and 5e
  4. Ten NPCs You Bump Into in a Crowded Tavern
  5. Infinity Loop March 2015

Sales and Such

As far as sales went, we were down a little from March 2015…

  • 203 in March, 167 in April (DriveThru/RPGNow) (54 free, 113 $$)
  • 38 in March, 50 in April (Paizo) (all freebies)
  • 13 in March, 5 in April (d20pfsrd) (3 free, 2 $$)
  • 2 in March, 0 in April (Selz)
  • Totals: 256 in March, 222 in April (down 13%)

I’m still very excited about our adventure series, which has performed very well.

Totals for the year put us at 833 downloads through the first third of 2015. Not too shabby.

Thank you!

I’m still having a ton of fun even if my productivity has dropped, so thank you for continuing to support our efforts!

Stay tuned for more adventures and more creativity tools and may you have another great month of gaming!!

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