Infini-Troupe, 27-FEB-2015 – Beware the Denim Gorillas!

Lastly for this article series we’re going to cover some banditry with Insta-NPCs #8: Bandits!.

Insta-NPCs-Bandits-coverInevitably there are bandits in just about every campaign world. You might find a few on horseback in the middle of the forest. Others may be riding motorcycles through an apocalyptic desert or the streets and alleys of an urban landscape. And a few might exist in the farthest reaches of space, attacking poor defenseless colonists on their way to new lives in the outer rim…

But sometimes they all fall into the same patterns. Every forest bandit you meet happens to be Robin Hood. Every motorcycle gang reminds you of the Sons of Anarchy. And your space bandits look and feel a lot like Reavers from Firefly.

That’s where Bandits! comes in. A few die rolls and we’ll see what we come up with. And we’ll start this one by setting it in an apocalyptic desert. Somewhere Mad Max would feel at home…

We start with the bandits’ Purpose… A d8 gives us (2) Fortune. They’re out for gold! (Or credits, water, or oil… whatever serves as money in the wasteland…)

What’s their style? A d6 gives me (5) Philosophical. Interesting. I wonder what their philosophy might be?

They are loved by the public (a d6 rolled a (1) Loved on the Perception table) but their Latest Act is debated a bit (a d6 rolled a (6) Debated on the Latest Act table).

When I roll to find their Chosen Stage (another d6) I get (6) Celebration. They either like to party or like robbing parties…

And lastly for the d100 I rolled on the Descriptor table, I got (18) Cowardly.

Now let’s sum up what we know about our apocalyptic bandits…

  • Purpose? Fortune
  • Style of Activity? Philosophical
  • Public Perception? Loved
  • Latest Act? Debated
  • Chosen Stage? Celebration
  • Descriptor: Cowardly

So who are these folks?

“The Denim Gorillas ride the wastes, bouncing from settlement to settlement to gather party-worthy materials (booze, drugs, new friends) for their next week-long bout of debauchery. Their leader, Calas, is vicious but a coward – a man so paranoid of the world he wears a head to toe armored enviro-suit 24×7. But he knows he can only push the wasted so far before they rebel and try to retaliate. Most settlements put up with the Gorillas simply because they keep the worse gangs at bay… usually.

Last week they attacked Duran Tower and were chased off by a worse gang – the Risen. Though the Gorillas attempted to drive them off, they lost three members in the process and disappeared to lick their wounds. Duran Tower burned to the ground that very night with no survivors…”

The Gorillas definitely fit in with the Mad Max vibe. It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything for the apocalypse. And the “Gang/clan name generator” over at came in really handy!

Today’s details:

  • Today’s Context: “I need a gang for a post-apocalyptic party!”
  • Today’s Recipe calls for Insta-NPCs #8: Bandits!
  • Today’s Ingredients: Fortune, Philosophical, Loved, Debated, Celebration, Cowardly
  • Today’s Setting: Post-apocalyptic wasteland like that of Mad Max

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