Infini-Troupe, 17-FEB-2015 – Minion Matters

Last week we created the villainess Umani out in the grassy sea with a watchful eye on the Kingdom of the Dead. And we even went so far as to create a few minions for her protection… Agrios the were-bear, her giant eagle Roccan and giant owl Caillea, as well as a pack of were-wolves led by the alpha female Hatti.

But she has to have more help than that. Though her patron deity Lamnus has given her the power to create food and water, other things are necessary such as clothes, news from outside, and companionship. Her protectors may offer some conversation and support, but they won’t leave her side for long. As such, she needs someone she can trust as an intermediary.

Andy-whirlpoolSo we pull out Insta-NPCs #4: Henchmen and Minions and see what help it can provide. Like Scum and Villainy, Inc., we have a worksheet for IN4:HaM that will help us along…

We start by determining what Type of assistant we are creating. A d10 roll gives us (4) “Talky” – which is perfect. A “Talky” in this context is more of someone who can clearly communicate Umani’s wishes with the outside world and relay messages from outside back to her when necessary.

Next up is the Defining Feature of our minion. Another d10 gives us (3) “Style.” Usually that boils down to a clothing choice or something along those lines, so I’ll have to think about that for a bit. Perhaps the next couple of touch points will help us figure it out.

We have Motivation and Gender left. A d6 Gender roll gives us (3) Female. And a d10 Motivation roll gives us (9) “Upward mobility.” And that I think is the key to how this minion works.

Before I pull all this together, I need a name. So I’ll pop over to LPC Fantasy Names II and see what I can come up with… A d10 roll of (5) means one name. A d6 roll of (3) means we will use the “Prefix” transformation. And a d100 roll of (52) gives us “Fiki.” Our description of the Prefix transformation says “common prefixes include: de, re, at, he, ha, li, em, ol, pe, sa, lo, etc.” So we come up with:

  • Defiki*
  • Refiki
  • Atfiki
  • Hefiki
  • Hafiki
  • Lifiki
  • Emfiki
  • Olfiki
  • Pefiki
  • Safiki
  • Lofiki

Our ambitious little minion has her own plans in motion, so I think “Defiki” works well as a name. A bit of a hint of the word “defiler” in there offers just a taste of what’s to come as a rude awakening for her boss Umani down the line.

insta-npc-4-coverDefiki was a member of the Waktok tribe of nomads roaming the area. A small band got too close to Umani’s domain and the pack of werewolves eliminated all but the small human child. Hatti brought the child to her mistress and Umani raised her as one of her own. The Defiki Ravine was near where they found the nomadic band, so that was the name she was given.

Umani raised Defiki to love and honor the great god Lamnus. She learned all the tales of their god’s great deeds. And she became to see Umani’s plans as shortsighted. What would happen if they did eventually release the spirits of the Land of the Dead back to continue their journey into the Underworld? What would they do then?

She is smart and wily, biding her time until she is the one who attracts Lamnus’ gaze herself. Someday Umani would achieve her goals and pass into the Underworld herself. Defiki would be there to take her mantle and spread the word of Lamnus.

As Defiki grew older, she began picking up on certain patterns in the stories. Her favorite was the spiral of the whirlpool where Lamnus landed after being cast from the heavens. To her it represents strength and constant motion. She has sewn the pattern into each piece of clothing she calls her own, using the spiral as her mark.

So she does her job, interacting with the world outside Umani’s little domain. She listens and watches while she is in the real world. And she makes her plans. Someday would come eventually and Defiki will be ready when it does.

Again, we see a bit of context and a bit of randomness come together to create a more rich world.

Today’s details:

  • Today’s Context: “I need a specific minion for a new villain…”
  • Today’s Recipe calls for Insta-NPCs #4: Henchmen and Minions
  • Today’s Ingredients: Talky, style, upward mobility, and female
  • Today’s Setting: Traditional fantasy, plus some bits from the world of Phaedrus
  • Today’s Mix-in: LPC Fantasy Names II

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