Infini-Troupe, 11-FEB-2015 – An Awkward Dinner Party

It seems these little explorations into the darkness of my muse are more than just characters, but characters and little bits of story as well. I like it!

Today we have…

  • Today’s Recipe: Mix and match from both Insta-NPCs #2: Quirks and Madness and Little Spaces: Fancy Meals
  • Today’s Ingredients: “Walks on toes” and “Paranoia” (IN2) and Sight, Taste, Table, Fresh, & Raw (LS:FM)
  • Today’s Setting: Fantasy and a fancy party
  • Today’s Mix-in: LPC Fantasy Names III (The name used the “Julienne” method. I got “Selin” which led to picking the five names “Tacri,” “Zecca”, “Zagix,” “Mazlan,” and “Yamano.” And using one letter from each led to the name “Tegln,” which I added an “i” to to make a bit more pronounceable for “Teglin.”)
  • Today’s Twist: A dinner party needs more than one character, so I rolled a three more from IN2 – “Facial tic when nervous” & “Ecstasy”; “Has a favorite coin to flip all the time” & “Animal abuse”; and “Noticeable birthmark” & “Uncontrollable passions.”
  • Therefore, three more names were needed- “Syllabic surgery” turned “Vlagga” into “Ggavla” which I simplified to “Gavla”; “Reverse julienne” turned “Tezan” into “Uaxan”; and “Reverse julienne” turned “Masani” into “Riauag.”

That led me to this:

blog-3-feast-2At the castle of Baron Tegilin, you find yourself surrounded by all sorts of interesting characters at the holiday feast. You have been seated at a table with the Esteemed Gavla, a minister from the southern reaches; the heiress Uaxan of the far east; and Commander Riauag from the Baron’s army. As each course is served, you begin to notice that each has a unique quirk.

The Baron himself avoids the appetizer – a hot broth with floating chunks of raw fish – and when he returns from a quick pass around the room greeting a few key individuals you notice two things… First, he’s wearing outlandish shoes that force him to almost walk on his toes. And second, he’s brought a taster with him to ensure that nothing served at the dinner will kill him.

The minister dives into the second course without hesitation – a fresh salad full of fruits and vegetables from his homeland – and you see him smile in ecstasy as he begins to relax a bit for the first time this evening. When he is done, you notice his smile has developed a strange facial tic on one side. You are unsure whether he is allergic to something in the dish, if his earlier ecstasy caused a muscle spasm, or if his nervousness has returned.

The heiress seems disgusted by the main course – an entire roast pig with apples and pears. She doesn’t touch it once, instead pulling out a large coin from her country and practicing moving it dexterously along the knuckles of one hand, beneath the palm, and back again. It’s quite mesmerizing to watch.

And the commander seems unable to control himself when desert is served, going so far as to ask a passing servant for seconds. When he raises his hand to get the servant’s attention, you see a strange birthmark in the shape of a dragon on the palm of his hand.

Between the paranoia, disdain, and passions at your table, the dinner conversation starts and stops several times until everyone settles into an uncomfortable silence…”

I think I’ve been at one or two parties like this, but I always settle into an uncomfortable silence in the end.

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