Infini-Troupe, 10-FEB-2015 – The Haunting of Krieg House

Continuing the new effort I started yesterday, I thought I’d toss out another member of the infinite troupe of characters…

That led me to this:

tom_Haunted_House_The basement is immaculate until you open the last door. In this room, the walls are covered with hundreds of articles from turn-of-the-century newspapers. Yellowing paper with faded print states fact after fact about a greedy mining baron who went missing. Every story is about Pavel Kreig and his wife Alissa, a power couple who owned a local coal mine and nearly a hundred homes in the area at the height of their barony. Though Kreig did maintain the homes, he rented them to his miners at a steep price. The homes were the closest living space they could find to the mine – the nearest town was about 35 miles away. The whole situation was constructed to make the Kreigs more money. They controlled the food and water, housing, and the jobs.

Though Kreig himself was a penny-pinching monster who wrung every cent he could from his business operations, his wife was worse. She condescendingly referred to the miners and their families as “the help” and would go out of her way to show off her husband’s wealth with fine dresses, lavish parties, and trips through town where she could be seen pointing and laughing at the relative squalor their employees lived in. She made Pavel look like a saint. Her house was spotless and if any of the household staff did even the slightest thing wrong she would have them fired and banished from town.

But when Pavel disappeared, Alissa went off the deep end. Paranoia struck and she knew that it was one of the employees who had taken her beloved. She kicked everyone out and became a shut-in. She let her husband’s partners run their empire into the ground over the next two decades. She became obsessed with cleaning and was rumored to have been seen scrubbing floors and walls until the skin was sloughing off her hands. Her only contact with the outside world was through the newspapers, food, and water left on her doorstep. For nearly twenty years the newspapers were taken inside – though the widow herself was rarely seen.

Then the newspapers began piling up… and the house was left alone. The town of Kreigston continued on without her and found a life of its own.

After Pavel disappeared and the widow lost her way, the miners’ lives improved while the coal lasted and was in demand. Even though the mine eventually closed, the world outside Kreigston grew and offered other opportunities for work in manufacturing, construction, and other services.

The Kreig’s house went untouched for nearly a decade before someone approached the local city council for permission to buy it and fix it up. The new owners found the Widow Krieg’s remains on the floor in this room. And as soon as they disturbed her remains, bad things started to happen. Though they attempted to renovate and clean up the property, things began moving of their own accord. Some of the workers reported seeing a shaggy old lady reflected in mirrors and windows. And when they got to the widow’s room to take the newspapers off the wall, people began dying. First it was a construction worker in a freak accident and then the owners lost a child.

They abandoned the property after that. And things were quiet for a few years until a child stole into the home on a dare and went missing. He was later found pinned to the wall in the widow’s room. On the walls, drawn in a greasy black goo were the words “Stay out” and the boy’s body was covered in red splotches like someone had pinched the skin over and over, hundreds of times.

You are here to try and exorcise the spirits from the house or determine that it must be destroyed. The house knows this and let you in. But can you get out again?”


Where the heck did THAT come from? This is a creepy place. No wonder it was abandoned so long!!

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