Immortals’ Wake: Top Ten Things to Know About Rivergate

With a new online campaign about to start, I thought I’d provide a few tips and hints to get things started for my players.

Top Ten Things to Know About Rivergate

  1. Rivergate is divided into two major sections by a 20 ft high seawall simply known as “The Wall.” West of the Wall lies Docktown, sometimes called the Darkside because some areas are in perpetual shadow. East of the Wall lies Uptown, which comes to life with the sunrise.
  2. The Open Market is open sunrise to sunset every day above the Wall but not every merchant may be available every day in the maze of stalls.
  3. Somehow, the Reeves, the Goons of Docktown, or the sisters at the Temple of the Mother probably know what’s going on or who to ask.
  4. The Magus will offer you knowledge and/or magic items at a price, but may choose not to help you.
  5. In case of emergency, the warning bells throughout Rivergate will ring. Bell ringers are stationed throughout the town and will relay the alarm until it is heard Uptown and Docktown.
  6. The Drunken Demon is Uptown’s least reputable establishment.
  7. “The Pearly Gale” recently docked and several sailors and passengers disembarked with wild tales of Secundus, the new colony far to the northwest. Some appear haunted by their experiences.
  8. Uptown, the Rebus Crew has laid claim to a rash of recent burglaries. Reeve Lelas seeks any information that will lead to their eventual arrest.
  9. Dockmaster Dyn seeks independent help with a small matter of disappearances along the docks.
  10. Talk of Demons recently has gained the attention of a small contingent of the Order of St. Greggor rumored to be on their way from the Grand Basilica of the Mother in Belan’si far to the southeast.

Beyond that, make sure you grab the main rule book for Warrior, Rogue & Mage from the Stargazer Games site.

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