Immortals’ Wake: Kwelan Outpost of Rivergate

As you head west through Rivergate, you will eventually come to the edge of town. Past the final few buildings, you’ll see the Brigade Outpost set about 100 yards away. The outpost itself is little more than a walled courtyard roughly 25 feet wide and long. The walls rise fifteen feet with crenelations and towers at regular intervals.

To enter the outpost, you must cross through a set of reinforced oak doors and then an iron portcullis. Set in the middle of the walls is one large building that serves as barracks, armory, and stable. The relatively small size of the contingent (fifteen to twenty at any given time) uses the fortified outpost as their base as they patrol the area and collect taxes due.

Though Rivergate is on the edge of the Dominion of Kwela, the Brigade keeps an eye on Dominion interests in the region. Those interests include ensuring the safety of travelers along the road, collection of taxes, transport and delivery of tax monies to the capitol, and helping with town security when asked. The Brigade is on good terms with the Reeve Lelas in town, but at odds with the Town Council over use and disbursement of tax money.

Each cart that enters or leaves town is assessed a tax by the Kwelan guards on duty. Two scribes work at the outpost and handle the assessment and collection of taxes owed to the Dominion and the town. Carts may be charged anywhere from 5 sp for a half-full cart to 10 sp for a full cart, with additional costs for weapons shipments. Merchants delivering goods are given a parchment note indicating that taxes have been paid so they only have to be charged once.

All silvers collected are split between the town and Dominion coffers. A vault exists within the outpost that is guarded day and night. Once a month the proceeds are divided and delivered to the Town Council and the Kwelan capital of Volu.

In addition to the collection and disbursement of taxes, the Brigade patrols the roads leading from Rivergate to the crossroads about 50 miles east of the outpost. At any given time there may be one or two patrols along the road on a 3 or 4 day rotation to the inn at the crossroads – The Spinni Inn.

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Commander Ossam Frye – leads the contingent

Attributes Warrior 4, Rogue 3, Mage 3
Secondary Stats HP 9, Mana 6, Defense 11 (+3 for scale armor, +2 for large shield)
Skills Athletics, Riding, Swords
Talents Leadership
Spells (None)
Trappings Scale armor, large shield, sword

Mr. Horace Tin – lead assessor

Attributes Warrior 2, Rogue 3, Mage 5
Secondary Stats HP 8, Mana 10, Defense 6
Skills Blunt, Lore, Thievery
Talents Henchman (Simms – assistant)
Spells Magic Light, Identify
Trappings Common clothing, pendant of the Assessors’ Guild, book of assessments, 15 blank parchment pieces, pen, ink

Sgt. Manfred Copland – keeps the outpost running smoothly

Attributes Warrior 6, Rogue 4, Mage 0
Secondary Stats HP 12, Mana 0, Defense 12 (+5 for chain mail, +2 for large shield)
Skills Athletics, Riding, Blunt
Talents Tough as Nails, Massive Attack
Spells N/A
Trappings Chain mail, large shield, warhammer

Average Brigade Soldier

Attributes Warrior 5, Rogue 3, Mage 2
Secondary Stats HP 11, Mana 4, Defense 10 (+3 for scale armor)
Skills Bows, Swords, Riding
Talents (None)
Spells N/A
Trappings Scale armor, sword, crossbow with 10 bolts
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