Holy Knight Home Study Series: Zombies

Zombies, like skeletons, are at the low end of the threat scale. On one hand, they’re pretty easy to hack at. There’s generally more to hit, even if it is rotting on the bones. On the other hand, they absorb a fair amount of damage before they’re done. So if you get surrounded by a horde of undead, you could be in trouble.

zombieHere’s a few high-level things we know about zombies:

  1. Zombies are nearly mindless and only follow simple commands.
  2. Zombies attack with claws and fists, but are very slow. They only get one attack every other round.
  3. Zombies can absorb a lot of damage.

In general, the same rules apply as with skeletons. They are most likely animated pawns of evil Clerics or Magic-Users typically set to guard a location. So if you see a zombie, likely there is a spellcaster somewhere nearby that created it. Unlike skeletons, they have a bit more mental capacity than their bony companions, but their instructions must be dead simple– even if their creator is present.

Keep in mind that zombies, in and of themselves, are mindless victims simply carrying out the orders of their creators. Even so, they will hurt you if that is what they have been instructed to do.

Zombies can be turned or dismissed by even a relatively low-level Cleric, if you have one in your party. And they are not immune to physical attacks. Slashing, piercing, and bashing will all damage the mass of rotting flesh they call bodies. As such, sometimes dismemberment is a good option. They’re already slow and they would be slower still without all their limbs.

Next up… spectres!

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