Holy Knight Home Study Series: Spectres

Other undead creatures have their place in the cycle of life, death, and decay. Some are there to clear the battlefields like crows and vultures. Some are there at the behest of their masters to guard sacred places, like mummies and skeletons. Some have their own reasons in undeath, like the vampires. And some are even hunger personified, like the zombies.

Spectres don’t fit this mold.

Wikimedia Commons - banshee

Wikimedia Commons – banshee

Each of these creatures is a tortured spirit seeking nothing more than to torture the living and spread their madness. They are not to be trifled with. And where others can be contained, these incorporeal beings are difficult to pin down under the best of circumstances.

Here are a few high-level things we know about spectres at a high level:

  1. Spectres are incorporeal beings and unaffected by normal weapons, fire, acid, or poison.
  2. Spectres are fast and very aggressive.
  3. Spectres do both physical damage and drain life experience from their victims. If killed, these victims will become spectres themselves.

Let’s get the ugly part out of the way. Why are these creatures so very dangerous? They can steal your life essence. Entire years of experience, gone without a trace. And if they take enough, to the point where you forget yourself entirely, you become one of them, a minion of the spectre who killed you.

It is thought that this “draining of life essence” is how spectres feed, living off the lives they steal. It is rumored that a mad spellcaster found a way to trap one of these evil beings and starved it to death, but that may be a work of fiction…

(See the upcoming Guide to the Undead for more on these dangerous creatures!)

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