Holy Knight Home Study Series: Skeletons

Hello recruit!

Next on the undead hit parade is the lowly skeleton. As far as enemies go, skeletons definitely fall into the minor category. They can get nasty if you encounter a large number of them, but you’ll probably survive.

skeletonWhy is the skeleton only considered a minor threat? Most of them are mere shadows of their former selves and if you have a solid bashing weapon, take a swing and knock them out.

You will typically find skeletons guarding treasures or near grave sites, dungeons, or other abandoned places where dead bodies can be found. They are commonly the pawns of necromancers in the field, appearing as bone piles until they are needed to defend their area. If there is a weapon handy, they will pick it up, otherwise they will simply attack with the bones of their hands like claws. But they are not the most stable of creatures without muscles to help control their movements, making their movements awkward and jerky. This has the added benefit of keeping them fairly slow.

With no minds left to affect, they are untouched by Sleep, Charm, Fear, or any other mental-based attack. However, they will take full damage from fire and physical attacks. As mentioned earlier, blunt weapons are best and usually do the most damage, dismantling joints and knocking their magically-held forms back to their component pieces. Other weapons have the potential to be less effective. Slashing weapons like swords do less damage (1/2 damage) due to the lack of muscle and tissue to tear through. Piercing weapons are even less effective, falling prey to the gaps between bones and doing no damage at all.

Skeletons rarely appear more than 6 at a time, but can pose a more serious threat if more are present. Regardless of their lack of intelligence, a group of skeletons can and will kill you with a thousand cuts. If you have magic items or magical reinforcements who can do explosive damage to multiple opponents, that can be very helpful in those cases.

A skilled Holy Knight can make quick work of skeleton enemies in battle with the right tools. Be prepared!

Next up… ghosts!

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