Holy Knight Home Study Series: Ghosts

Though ghosts are on the lowest end of the threat spectrum of undead creatures and not on the list of choices for favored undead enemies, you may encounter them in your journeys. Ghosts are the spirits of the wrongfully murdered. They assume physical form to gain aid from the living and prolong their time in the mortal realm.

scary_ghostHere are a few things to know about these haunting creatures:

  1. Ghosts are incorporeal and unaffected by normal weapons, fire, acid, or poison. Magical weapons can affect them.
  2. Ghosts are fast on the ground and in the air.
  3. Ghosts can do physical damage with merely a touch.

They resemble spectres in capabilities, but without the ability to drain experience. If aggravated in some way, they do a similar type of physical damage to a living being, appearing as a burn upon the skin. And, like spectres, they can move quickly without the burden of a physical aspect, both in the air and on the ground.

Ghosts will often be found in places where horrible violence has been done. Battlefields. Murder scenes. Prisons. Slave markets. Anywhere mortals have done horrible things to other mortals and lives have been lost, there’s a chance you will find one or more of these creatures.

They do not communicate well, but are turned as easily as skeletons or zombies by our clerical brethren. Sending them along to the afterlife is what is considered best for all of these creatures.

But don’t get caught unaware. Some will seek vengeance upon the living, driven mad by their incorporeal state. Some may haunt the places of their deaths and cause you grief as a result.

Send them on their way as quickly as you can so you may deal with the more challenging creatures on our watch.

Next up… zombies!

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