Have a COW (Creature of the Week) #3: The Crown, Part 2

Last week I covered Commander Denne Lera of the Crown, a mercenary group our heroes encountered while on a diplomatic mission. She’s not alone, however.

This week we’re going to cover Athyn Willey, a Technician with some mad skills. And then we’ll talk about the “omission” somebody caught last week. 🙂

Design Thoughts

Though we have had a Technician among our heroes since we started playtesting back in August 2017, I really didn’t start playing around more with them until a month or so later with the Crown. My thought was that the PCs needed to be harried by a flying drone (roughly the size of the snitch from Harry Potter) that could potentially ruin somebody’s day.

Note that the drone has 6 traits due to the technician’s “Robotics Savant” trait, which grants an extra trait to any drones she creates!

Crown Technician – Athyn Willey

Athyn serves as the technical liaison for the group, acting as a hacker and a field asset as needed. She’s got a bit of a wild streak and is more than willing to destroy a drone to get what she wants.

  • Athyn Willey (Technician) (Level 5): Attribute 12, Origin: Mars (+1 Education), Background: Hacker; Traits: Bits & Bytes, Gambler, Nanobots, Robotics, Robotics Savant, Security; Items: Pistol (Ranged) (1-10m range; RS1; d6 single); 5 clips; Laser-honed Combat Knife (d6+1), Standard Combat Armor (AR4/AP20) (Black)
  • Flying Drone (Level 5+1): Attribute 10; HP: 10; Locomotion: Bladed (Flight), 20m; AR4/AP20; Rifle (3-250m range; RS2; d6 single, 3d6 burst (disadv), 6d6 (full auto, requires cool down)), 3 clips; Melee Combat: Charge (Disadv, d6); Traits: Advanced Armor, Auto Reload: Ranged, Miniaturization, Ranged Weapon: Rifle, Self Destruct, Speed Boost

This little drone is tiny, but packs a punch with a miniaturized rifle, a speed boost, and the possibility to self destruct.

In the combat with our heroes, our Technician Sean had his own drone, which had a Sample Collection pocket in it. So, Sean managed to scoop up the little flying annoyance and trap it for later. Or at least that was his plan. What happened was that Willey decided it was a good time to take out some enemy capabilities and set off her drone’s self destruct, taking Sean’s drone with it.

I seem to recall thinking that the flying drone might relay back to Athyn (as Oliver Hardy was fond of saying to Stan Laurel), “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.” And then… a poof of smoke and a crash of digital components. 🙂

Possible Enhancements

Once again, the sky’s the limit for enhancements:

  • Add more skills to Athyn: Cybernetics, Diagnostics, Gears, Guns, Gunsmith, Locks, Observant…
  • Beef up the drone further:
    • Add the ability to Divide & Conquer with sub-drones each designed to drop and self destruct on command
    • Ponder the addition of a hardened propeller and the ability to do Melee Weapon: Spin to have it slice through a target
    • Add Programming: Simple and Programming: Advanced to enable it to call its own plays on the battlefield and leave Athyn clear to work her technowizardry elsewhere

Those are just a few ideas, but they all sound cool to me.

The Missing “Point” of the Crown

The issue was raised that I said there were six points, but only listed five team members. That was quite deliberate!

Behind the scenes is the “Fixer” of the group who acts as an intermediary for all contacts. He or she is thought to be embedded as a member of either the DSF or the DDF in some capacity, aiding the group in keeping them one step ahead of the authorities.

The sixth point of the Crown is always hidden, preferring to leave the grunt work to the others. 🙂

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