Have a COW (Creature of the Week) #22: The Roggi

Last week I revealed the Krithi, cousins to the Skaali, and members of the Venandi. This time, we’ll talk about the Roggi, a companion race to the Krithi. (Both of these races made their debut in an adventure I ran at SaltCON a few weeks ago.)

Design Thoughts – the Roggi

Before the Dread devastated their worlds, the Krithi and the Roggi had a unique relationship. The Krithi helped the Roggi get a leg up in commerce, technology, and education, and in return the Roggi helped the Krithi by providing some muscle when they needed it.

After the Dread, there were few Krithi and fewer Roggi. They banded together among the other species in the Venandi to try and get some sense of closure for their worlds — with revenge being their main tool. Trust was in short supply before the Dread — and afterwards it has been nearly nonexistent.

The Roggi are a simple species, dedicated to protecting their bands, especially the old and the young. Before the Krithi, there was a great war among their people that devastated the population. And after the Krithi stepped in, they were united in doing what they could to rebuild and recover.

This ape-like species rose to dominate the planet Gonk, which was on the edge of Krithi occupied space. Gonk had a thin, but dense band of jungle that the Roggi called home.

Note: When encountering a group of Krithi, you will usually find at least one Roggi for every group of three or four working together in the Vendandi.

To play one of the Roggi, you have the traditional three areas to work through…

Point of Origin

The Roggi come from a primitive, war-like planet of Gonk. Each of the Roggi has been toughened by years of a very physical existence where everyone must be a warrior to survive, giving them +2 Toughness. Unfortunately, that same way of life has left them little time for emotional healing or education, and they are at a -1 Education and have the Berserk trait.

  • Berserk (Special) – Creature goes into an uncontrollable rage, doubling regeneration, healing, and damage for d6 turns. Afterwards, the creature is at a Disadvantage for all actions for a cool-down period of d3 turns. Ability recharges with a successful Toughness check at a Disadvantage after the cool-down.


The Roggi, rising on a world with abundant resources in a small strip of real estate, were constantly at war with one another. Bands of Roggi had little time to build grand civilizations and make huge technological leaps while simply trying to survive battle after battle with other bands.

As a result, you only have three professions when creating a Roggi character:

  • Silver – These are the leaders among the Roggi, usually the best thinkers among the bands and the most able to survive and learn from nearly constant battle. Traits: Counseling, Leadership, Tactics
  • Warrior – The bulk of the Roggi fall into this category, protecting the band at all costs with brute strength. Traits: Guns, Hand-to-Hand, Melee, Sprinter
  • Caretaker – There are few of these left among the Roggi, caring for the wounded and working to solve problems when they can. Traits: Bandages, Botany, Diagnostics

You might notice a new Trait has appeared for both the Krithi and the Roggi: Botany.

  • Botany (Education) – Each world has its own flora that can be used to heal, aid, or harm a living being in different ways. This trait enables discovery of these native plants and learning how to apply them to accelerate healing and enhance a species’ other abilities through natural means.

Career Paths

As a combat-heavy species, all Roggi fall one career: Space Marine. They are a warrior species and are proud of that fact. The Krithi rely on them for their physical prowess, especially when attacking the Dread on their turf.

Sample Roggi

The Roggi are pure combat monsters and valuable on the battlefield if their rage can be directed:

  • Roggi Silver Chak (M) (High Level): Attribute 14, Education 9; HP 14; Traits: Legged (10m), Berserk (Special), Guns (Accuracy), Hand-to-Hand (Athletics), Leadership (Presence), Melee (Athletics); Items: Laser Rifle, 4 reloads, Laser sword, Standard Combat Armor (AR4/AP20)
  • Roggi Warrior Luca (M) (Mid-level): Attribute 12, Education 8; HP 12;
    Traits: Legged (10m), Berserk (Special), Guns (Accuracy), Melee (Athletics); Items: Laser Rifle, 4 reloads, Laser sword, Standard Combat Armor (AR4/AP20)

Through genetic manipulation through the Venandi, some of the Roggi have also gained new traits such as:

  • Regenerating Health (regenerates 1 HP per turn)
  • Tough Bastard (doubles HP)

An example of this is the warrior Kuro:

  • Roggi Warrior Kuro (F) (High-level): Attribute 13, Education 9; HP 26; Traits: Legged (10m), Armor (Athletics), Berserk (Special), Regenerating Health (regenerates 1 HP per turn), Hand-to-Hand (Athletics), Heavy Weapons (Accuracy), Melee (Athletics), Tactics (Education), Tough Bastard (doubles HP); Items: Laser Gatling Gun, 4 reloads, Double-edged Sword Staff (2d6+3), Standard Combat Armor (AR4/AP20)

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