Have a COW (Creature of the Week) #21: The Krithi

Though we released a new playable alien race in The Tahlken Prison Colony, there’s always room for more aliens in the universe, right? Well, in the adventure I wrote for SaltCON 2019 — Into the Fire — I created two playable races that are among the Venandi or “hunters” of the Aliens & Asteroids universe — so let’s dive into that area, shall we?

Design Thoughts – the Venandi

If the Dread are akin to the xenomorphs from the Alien universe, the Venandi or “hunters” are akin to the Yautja from the Predator universe. I cover them in Chapter 7: The Alien Menace.


They boil down to being the remainders of all the races the Dread have destroyed in the Stellar Graveyard. Perhaps they escaped during the Dread invasion, choosing survival over fighting back. Maybe they were away at the time when their homeworlds were overrun. Who knows how they survived, but they did. And they may be the only members of their species left alive in the galaxy.

As far as numbers go, these survivors may number in the single digits or as many as a hundred, but well below the minimal viable DNA sample to keep their species alive. The Dread not only killed their families and friends, but decimated their worlds, leaving them as places of nightmare in the void. They are on borrowed time as the last of their kind. And now they want revenge.

To get their revenge, they travel the galaxy seeking “Dreadsign” — doing their best to hunt them down when hives are small and relatively unprotected. They travel in small groups, salvaging technology from ravaged worlds and always partnered with a friend, often in groups of four to six. Some of these partnerships have formed unlikely alliances and unique pairings. But if you find one of the Venandi, they aren’t alone.

Venandi – the Krithi

For “Into the Fire,” I created the Krithi and the Roggi. You will often find these two species paired together among the Venandi. Neither fared well in direct combat against the Dread, but both seek revenge against the creatures that destroyed their people.


The Roggi perished by the thousands and only a few were saved by their friends among the Krithi, so you will only see these two species working with each other — their trust is very slim for any other member of the Venandi, let alone the species who have yet to feel the Dread’s wrath.

The Krithi originated on the planet Kaa and led a very tribal existence, falling into different roles as their talents came to light.

To play one of the Krithi, you have the traditional three areas to work through…

Point of Origin

Coming from the planet Kaa, the Krithi are a tough race with a hardened skin protecting them from the harsh environment there. This grants them +1 Toughness and the Tough Hide trait, which gives them AR2 right off the bat.

They are a distant cousin to the Skaali, but diverged a thousand generations ago.


The Krithi, due to the harsh world of Kaa, found themselves constantly at war and fighting for honor among their clansmen. Creating a Krithi, you must choose one of the following backgrounds:

  • Proud Tasker – These are the leaders among the Krithi, tasking the other clans with their jobs for the day. Traits: Leadership, Tactics
  • Proud Warrior – These are the guardians of the clans, relied upon to fight wars against other tribes and beings. Traits: Guns, Hand-to-Hand, Melee, Sprinter
  • Proud Smith – The Smiths are the tool forgers among the Krithi, relied upon to make swords, guns, and daily tools for survival. Traits: Geology, Observant, Refining
  • Proud Naturist – The Naturists are the body fixers, necessary to patch up their people when they are harmed in their daily tasks. Traits: Bandages, Botany, Chemistry, Combat Healing, Diagnostics
  • Disgraced – The Disgraced are the honorless, thought untrustworthy and unworthy of any tasks that benefit the tribes. Traits: Disguise, Gambler, Locks, Security

Career Paths

As a combat-heavy species, they fall into three of the main A&A careers:

  • Commander
  • Medic
  • Space Marine

Though they may come across as more primitive than some of their Venandi counterparts, they are well respected as warriors who never back down when faced with an opportunity to inflict damage on the Dread.

Sample Krithi

  • Krithi Tasker Ssath (M) (High-level); Attribute 14, Toughness 15; Traits: Legged (20m), Guns (Accuracy), Guns: Specialization (Laser Rifle), Sniper (Accuracy), Leadership (Presence), Tactics (Education), Melee (Athletics), Hand-to-Hand (Athletics), Grenades (Athletics); Items: Standard Combat Armor (AR4/AP20), Laser Sword (d6+3), Laser Rifle, 4 reloads, 4 Pulse Grenades
  • Krithi Naturist Thack (M) (High-level); Attribute 13, Toughness 14; Traits: Legged (20m), Bandages (Accuracy), Botany (Education), Combat Healing (Accuracy), Diagnostics (Education), Medicine (Education), Melee (Athletics), Sprinter (Special), Spotter (Presence), Observant (Awareness); Items: Bioscanner, Field Medical Kit, Medikit x6 (each does 3d6 HP), Laser Sword
  • Krithi Warrior Ckapp (F) (High-level): Attribute 12, Toughness 13; Traits: Legged (20m), Armor (Athletics), Explosives (Accuracy), Guns (Accuracy), Hand-to-Hand (Athletics), Melee (Athletics), Sprinter (Special); Items: Standard Combat Armor (AR4/AP20), Laser Sword (d6+3), Laser Rifle, 2 reloads, 6 Enhanced Explosive charges

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