Have a COW (Creature of the Week) #20: The Complete Dread List

Crazy enough, we’ve covered all of the Dread since we started the Creature of the Week effort a year ago! So it’s time to pull all of them together into one complete list of links for easy access…

Design Thoughts

As we’ve spoken about multiple times through this series, the Dread are the worst type of enemy… one you can’t negotiate with or demoralize. The Monarch is single minded and on task, simply using her minions to devour life energy in a particular part of the multiverse so she has enough to rip through space and time into the next one… She is hoping to do a taste test of each universe in the infinite multiverse. 

The Monarch’s Minions

The DreadThe leader of each Dread hive is the Queen, but she is far from alone in her mission of conquest.

And as each new world holds new life forms ripe for harvest, the Dread continue to learn new tricks for their minions across the universe.

A Few Notes on the Dread

Though this is the end of this series of the Dread, I wanted to share a few thoughts before we moved on to some of the other critters in the universe.

  1. The Monarch’s Progress will continue through the multi-verse until she is destroyed or discovers a universe devoid of life energy. Neither option is off the table. 
  2. The Dread will continue to spread across the galaxy like a plague until the Monarch is sated and able to move to the next universe on her taste test.
  3. There is plenty of life in the galaxy to satisfy the Monarch’s hunger. It’s only a question of when.

The Dominion could play the long game… preferring to just wait until she’s had her fill or they could find a way to halt her progress for good. But something tells me she’s got Dominion Citizens on her grocery list before too long…

Looking for more creatures for your Aliens & Asteroids campaign? Check out the rest of the Creature of the Week series!

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