Technical Brief #1: Artificial Gravity

Technical Brief: Artificial Gravity

File Code: dta-cYz0G-AG

Dominion Technician: Domenic Cantos

Artificial gravity has been a long road for humanity, let alone the Dominion Technical Agency (DTA). Early spacecraft utilized simple physics through centripetal force or the Coriolis effect to generate areas of increased gravity through mechanical means, but keeping such machines spinning in space led to many devastating accidents through the years until it was abandoned entirely. However, after the advent of BANCE gate technology in the late 2100s, we gained several leaps forward with the help of Bondi-Andisse and their tenuous ties to the Gollus in the early days of multi-galactic travel and exploration.

Though the BANCE technology is a closely guarded secret, some DTA agents with help from the covert arm of the Dominion Defense Services (DDS) acquired enough bits and pieces of the puzzle to begin generating small amounts of artificial gravity at enormous power costs and they have become more efficient over the years, but nothing to the extent seemingly controlled by the Gollus.

Through friends in the Excursori, we have attained stories of items seen in action during their evacuation efforts from Dread-infected worlds. They apparently have devices small enough to hold in your hand that can, temporarily, harness the power of gravity waves to increase or reduce the effects of localized gravity. Reports have been sketchy, but have revealed examples of gravity traps that were used to hold Dread soldiers on the ground or some of their own Dread-infected Hollows in the air – long enough for bands of Gollus to board shuttles and reach their main fleet to evacuate this corner of the galaxy.

There are also rumors that the Gollus have the ability to generate localized wormholes using the same technology and extreme amounts of energy. But they are fleeing civilized space into unoccupied, empty space where they may do so without fear of destroying whole civilizations in the process.

The Gollus language is impossible for humanity to translate, but there are some who believe that the code name for their mass evacuation is the “Vanishing Point” – another term used for the event horizon of a black hole.

Even if this is pure conjecture or fiction, we must learn more of the gravity-wave technologies they are currently using and how they plan to provide such an enormous amount of power…

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