GV(Gaming Vitae): An Interesting Concept

So what is a Gaming Vitae or GV? A GV is just like a Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume, but of the games you have played or run over the years. This concept was created, by my knowledge, by Brian Fitzpatrick. (Fitz offered his own GV here.)

It is something that some of us who have played for a while laugh at or even brag about. But how many of us actually write it down and make a GV?

My gaming career began in 1983 when I met a group of guys and we started playing D&D. Finally, the world I had been inspired to make in my head from all the books I had been reading could get put to use. There was a rumour in the school I went to that I had read the entirety of our elementary school library at least three times.

It was not completely true.

While playing sports, I couldn’t have had time to read the library more than twice. And I did not read the children’s section more than once. Maybe I should have tried harder though!

Having said that, my list of the games I have run or played more than a few sessions would be the following:

Mostly Complete List of Games I have Run, am Running, and/or Played

  • Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
    • 1st ed by Gary Gygax (1978) TSR
    • 2nd ed by David Cook (1989)
  • The Atlantean Trilogy: The Arcanum, The Lexicon, The Bestiary
  • Chivalry and Sorcery
  • Conan: The Role-Playing Game
  • The D6 System
  • DC Heroes
  • Dungeons and Dragons
    • Basic Set 3rd ed by Frank Mentzer (1983)
    • Expert Set 2nd ed by Frank Mentzer (1983)
    • Companion Set ed by Frank Mentzer (1984)
    • Master Set ed by Gary Gygax, Frank Mentzer (1985)
    • Immortals Set ed by Frank Mentzer (1986)
    • Rules Cyclopedia ed by Aaron Allston (1991)
    • 3rd ed by Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, Skip Williams (2000) Wizards of the Coast
    • Version 3.5 ed (2003)
    • 5th ed by Jeremy Crawford, Michael Mearls (2014)
  • Flashing Blades
  • Heroes Unlimited
  • James Bond 007 RPG
  • Marvel Superheroes
  • MechWarrior
  • Ninjas and Superspies
  • Palladium Fantasy Role Playing Game
    • 1st ed by Kevin Siembieda, Erick Wujcik (1983) Palladium Books
    • 2nd ed (1990)
    • 3rd ed (1998)
  • Rifts
  • Robotech
  • Rolemaster
  • Shadowrun
    • 1st ed by Bob Charrette, Paul Hume, Tom Dowd (1989) FASA
    • 2nd ed (1992)
    • 3rd ed (1998)
  • Star Wars
    • 1st ed by Greg Costikyan, Greg Gorden, Bill Slavicsek (1987) West End Games
    • 2nd ed by Bill Smith (1992)
    • Revised and Expanded ed by Bill Smith, Peter Schweighofer, George R. Strayton, Paul Sudlow, Eric S. Trautman, Greg Farshtey (1996)
  • Talislanta
    • 1st ed by Stephan Michael Sechi (1987) Bard Games
    • 2nd ed (1989)
    • 3rd ed by Stephan Michael Sechi, Jonathan Tweet (1992) Wizards of the Coast
    • 4th ed by John Harper, Stephan Michael Sechi, Adam Sonfield (2000) Shootingiron
    • 4th Reprint ed by John Harper, Stephan Michael Sechi, Adam Sonfield (2000) Morrigan Press
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness
  • Thieves’ World
  • Top Secret
    • Top Secret/SI ed by Douglas Niles (1987)
  • Vampire: The Masquerade

I am pretty sure I did not miss any, but it was a pretty big list and I read it quickly.

A List of Games I Would Like to Run or Play

  • Adventurer Conqueror King System
  • The Adventures of Indiana Jones
  • Judge Dredd: The Role-Playing Game
  • Labyrinth Lord
  • MasterBook
  • Paranoia
  • Red Dwarf: The Roleplaying Game
  • RuneQuest
  • Serenity Roleplaying Game
  • Sláine: The Role Playing Game of Celtic Heroes
  • Toon
  • Torg
  • The World of Indiana Jones

Written or Contributing To

  • D&D Classic (BECMI/RC) — I have items on Pandius.com
  • D&D 5E (Modules), Mystara Player’s Handbook (5E), Thay Co. Merchant book, and some unnamed projects
  • Moebius Adventures – Character Creation (Made Interesting and Easy) booklet in the Spark products line (forthcoming)
  • Moebius Adventures – Scrolls of the Studious Sage Articles
  • Mazes & Perils Deluxe

Your Turn

Now that I’ve listed mine, it’s time for you to do the same!

Check out this amazing resource at Darkshire.net for an insane list to start from.

Write your GV and post a link in the comments! Let’s share our love for RPGs with the world!

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