Gruesome Terms: Body Dump

Occasionally a group of PCs will come across dead bodies while exploring ruins, dungeons, and other scenes. Coming up with terms to describe the dead can sometimes be a challenge if it’s a particularly gruesome scene, so here are a few words to ponder. Looking for a random term? Roll a die and use the term to inspire a more complete description.

Dead Body Terms (d20)

  1. DeadGuyPutrefied
  2. Bloated
  3. Desiccated
  4. Dismembered
  5. Cut open
  6. Broken
  7. Desecrated
  8. Shredded
  9. Torn
  10. Rotting
  11. Sloughing
  12. Fixed
  13. Bulging
  14. Blistered
  15. Bursting
  16. Partially Devoured
  17. Infested
  18. Roll Again
  19. Roll Twice
  20. Roll Three Times

As an example, I came up with the following descriptions after rolling a 14, a 19 (followed by an 11 and a 1), and a 4.

  • Before you lies the body of an adventurer, skin blistered and peeling.
  • You smell the body in the next room before you see it. A goblin’s corpse has slowly putrefied, sloughing off skin into a puddle beneath it.
  • The mutant creature, whatever it may have been, was dismembered with viscera and gore splattered across all four corners of the room.


How Stuff Works – The Body After Death
Mitch Pileggi – Dead Bodies


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2 thoughts on “Gruesome Terms: Body Dump”

    1. @Jason – Awesome. 🙂 I have to admit I started the list and was a bit disturbed myself, but then determined that it was probably a good thing I *was* disturbed by these terms. 🙂

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