Group of the Week: The Lumino

The future is no stranger to the same conspiracy theorists that have always plagued humankind throughout history. There are always those who believe the world is flat, that the moon landing was faked, and that the Illuminati rule the world. Perhaps they’ll turn out to be right after all?

Photo by Hemant Singh on Unsplash

Conspiracy Theorists

“A happy citizenry is a citizenry fed a constant supply of information to make them feel like they are in the loop, even if they’re not.”

Sherman Carroll, Dominion Council, CONN interview, January 5, 2131

The Lumino are an organization of truth seekers who believe the Dominion is maintaining a veil of secrecy between appearances and reality. Founded in 2135 by Dominic Brown, Lumino works on multiple fronts to expose the rampant discrimination, profiling, and waste done in the name of progress across all nine star systems.

With cells operating in all public Dominion systems, the group maintains a public persona that exposes every whistleblower report, rumor, and conspiracy it can find. Behind the scenes it employs an army of hackers and spies seeking the most confidential and top secret information possible. If caught, Lumino “agents” are given expert legal representation and their stories are told publicly on commercial media.

Lumino members come from all walks of life and hold several “truths”:

  • The five public BANCE gates are only the tip of the iceberg. There are four additional gates hiding illegal and government funded sites, including a blacksite prison, access to the Stellar Graveyard, and more.
  • The Dominion is responsible for the coming of the Dread, through a series of illegal experiments into wormhole technology and alternate realities.
  • The Dominion has taken Skaali technology and wired the Earth to explode if it is ever invaded.

Of course, the Dominion Office of Public Affairs (DOPA) denies these and other allegations as ridiculous. Conspiracies such as those supported by the Lumino steer time and resources away from other areas that would be much more beneficial to all Dominion citizens.

Photo by sasan rashtipour on Unsplash

The Dominion Defense Service (DDS) has several thousand files on Lumino members and believes the following to be true:

  • Lumino cells hope to kick off a new “enlightenment” to expose Dominion lies, take down the government, and return power to the people with a zero secrets policy.
  • Lumino itself is secretly funded by several corporate sponsors who are using the organization to further their own ends, confusing both the general populace and the authorities.
  • Each Lumino cell is broken into a central figure and no more than nine individuals, most of whom are embedded in other organizations and corporations within the Dominion. All cells are given orders from a single pulse of information and then cut off from the rest of the network. No cell has contact with other cells after the central figure is put into motion.
  • Several terrorist actions have worked in the last few decades to “liberate” data from central Dominion backup sites and each incident has forced Dominion forces to increase security again and again.
  • Each Lumino cell that is taken down is replaced by two others just as dedicated.
  • Any Lumino cell that completes their mission is disbanded. Some members are believed to have been part of several cells, though that has never been confirmed.

Though the group contends that they are only seeking the truth, they are considered more of a confirmed nuisance than a threat, though they flirt with the line of committing treasonous or terrorist acts on a regular basis.

New Background – Current or Former Lumino Agent

You were, or are, a member of the Lumino, a group dedicated to illuminating the lies at the bedrock of the Dominion. The Truth must be revealed, at any cost. You may be considered a conspiracy theorist, but you are in fact fighting for the freedom of all citizens.

  • Bits & Bytes, Diagnostics, Observant, Security

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