Group of the Week: The Hotshots

A brave group of firefighters lost their lives a few years ago fighting a wildfire in Arizona. They have inspired this post. (For details, see the CrossFit workout we try to do every year in their honor at my local gym – Hotshots 19.)

The Hotshots

Named after a wildfire crew from the 21st century, the Hotshots are a badly kept secret within the DSF. Often, far off in Dominion space, there are mechanical, electrical, or other issues that require special training that your usual “techn00bs” simply don’t have when they graduate from the DSF. The Hotshots are old, rugged, experienced veterans who have been fixing things since before most of the last couple of generations of techies were even born, putting them in a unique position to fix things in impossible conditions.

They first came to prominence during the Skaali Conflict, keeping ships and equipment operational that would have been scrapped if not for their skills. And ever since, they have achieved legendary status as THE unit to call when things get crazy. They have hit every hotspot across the Dominion in the last decade.


Currently based in a facility near BANCE-7, they can be called in less than a day to arrive anywhere DSF command needs them. Collectively, the crew of 19 men and women had more than 200 years of experience with an incredible number of devices and equipment. And they have done it under insane conditions such as active firefights, alien weather that has to be seen to be believed, and hardware being pushed well beyond their original specifications.

No plan ever survives first contact with the enemy, whether the enemy is shooting at you or spitting acid rain that violates your parts warranty.

Though the team was originally 19 members strong, it has been reduced over the last few years to only 12. The team leader, Colonel Jackson Reigns, has been asking HQ for candidates to interview to fill the slots because time will eventually catch up with them all. But they have vowed never to trust robots with a mind of their own — in case they turn on them.

The hope is that the spirit of the Hotshots 19 will continue on well into the next century — and they will need new blood to make that hope a reality.

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