Group of of the Week: The Family Farm

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This week we have a new take on the old “Family farm” idea…

The T’agrica Fleet

When the T’agrica family began their farming business in the mid 2100s, they went above and beyond to construct the most automated, efficient, and technologically advanced system possible. By the time their son Adam took over in 2197, their ship was not only the most productive farming vessel in the Dominion, but the family earned more consulting with other farmers than they ever did from a single ship.

V’Aurae is one of four farm ships serving Dominion space with nearly a 98% automation rate. Each ship provides roughly 100 acres of vertical farming space that produces a full harvest each transit. It runs a route from Mars to the BANCE-3 support station, delivering a full crop of fruits, vegetables, and oxygen-producing seedlings– then it turns around and does the same thing heading back. The full route to and from BANCE-3 takes three months.

Photo by Andrej Lišakov on Unsplash

It’s sister ships operate different routes. V’Astrum runs the route of Earth to Jupiter’s plentiful communities. Villam Cael and Villam Superi operate in the Proxima Centauri and Gliese 832 systems in a similar fashion.

In addition, the T’agrica organization operates experimental “island” ships they use to explore new techniques and seeds. Sula Rhodus and Sula Paros are known to be toying with plants found on other worlds, looking for ways to increase bounties and expand offerings throughout the Dominion.

There are tales of a third island ship that suffered a devastating loss a few years ago. The Sula Delos set the precedent for a new series of almost paranoid safety measures. The official story was an engine malfunction leading to the death of all 22 crew members. Unofficially there was more to the story, including rumors of rapidly growing, carnivorous plants escaping containment and infecting the crew to the point where the DSF was called out to destroy the ship on course to crash into Mars.

New Background – Farm Hand

Whether was on one of T’agrica’s enormous ships or in another farming operation elsewhere in Dominion space, you spent some time as a farm hand learning about hard work and horticulture in an industry literally putting food on people’s plates across the galaxy.

Available traits: Administration, Biology, Hitting the Gym, Horticulture

New Trait – Horticulture

  • Horticulture (Education) (Prerequisite: Biology) – Specialized training in the growing of fruits, vegetables, flowers, or other flora. Includes knowledge of hydroponic, aeroponic, and fogponic systems for the cultivation and harvest of plants originating on Earth and elsewhere.

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