Group of the Week: The Endless Council

We are starting a new series this month… The Group of the Week! I had a few requests for groups within the A&A universe that folks hadn’t seen or heard yet. That gave me some leeway to play a bit!

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The Endless Council

Just like in today’s society, many of the super-rich are concerned not only with keeping control of their wealth, but living long enough to do the most with it they can. You might even think that some were seeking immortality itself!

The Endless are a secret council of four of the richest, most influential humans in the Dominion. It is suspected to have been founded in the early 22nd century, but some believe it has actually been around much longer. Though the consistency of the council changes from time to time, it currently consists of two male and two female members. And though there are times when the council has had less than four members, it has never had more.

These captains of industry and corporate greed are obsessed with keeping their human bodies and minds alive for as long as is technologically possible. Through a combination of genetic manipulation, chemical treatments, tissue printing, nanotechnology, and even some suspected alien technology, they wish to continue guiding their wealth and shepherding the human race for centuries to come.

The four suspected members of the council today include:

  • Madame Ginn Kao, suspected to be roughly 150 years of age
  • Antonio de Biosca, rumored to be nearly 180 years old
  • Grandame Marieta Donado, thought to be pushing 200
  • Master Stannard Reynes, believed to be nearly 250

As you might imagine, the politics among the council are cutthroat, but members rarely pass away except through the most outrageous accidents or assassination attempts. There is always a “short list” of possible candidates put forward by the deceased when it comes time to pass the baton, but such candidates are extensively vetted by the remaining council members.

Companies held closely guarded by the council are often involved in cutting edge research, investigation into alien technologies, and first rate corporate espionage keeping tabs on any companies even coming close to new discoveries. There has been a big push over the last century to acquire any and all Grey Men technology, as it has become more and more clear that they hold a treasure trove of medical research on prolonging life, managing clones, and using and reusing biological materials from a wide variety of sources.

And, as you might imagine, there are impossible rumors about the Endless among those who suspect they even exist. The Endless do nothing to squash such rumors, which include:

  • The council are all vampires, drinking the blood of their followers
  • Members of the council have access to the mythological “Fountain of Youth”
  • The council has access to the Isle of Avalon and its mystical healing properties

The Endless do their best to squash anyone who comes anywhere near the truth of their existence, but encourages wild speculation and conspiracy theories from time to time to dissuade all but the most persistent. Strong and effective security forces and contractors are often used as assassins for those who must eventually be removed all together.

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