Group of the Week: The Calamity Company

Last week we dealt with the Endless Council, a group of ridiculously wealthy folks trying to live forever. This week we have a company dedicated to reclaiming the resources and materials locked in old, abandoned facilities across the Dominion…

The Calamity Company

By the time of Aliens & Asteroids, the Dominion has gone through a few growth spurts. Planets. Moons. Asteroids. Many have been touched by humanity, had their secrets exposed and riches stripped, and then been summarily abandoned. This isn’t a new problem, we’ve been doing it for millennia on Earth, but our trash is starting to pile up in the future.

The Calamity Company was formed by two brothers, Adam and Evan Bloom, after the death of their eccentric junk king father, Brandon Bloom. Brandon was insanely rich, inheriting wealth from his father, but he had a problem. He was a crazy collector of crap, building an amazing collection of old computer tech from the dark ages of the Dominion to trinkets and kitsch art pieces nobody really wanted in the era before the Second Civil War and the decades after. Their mother only stuck around for a few years before fleeing for saner territory. She tried to take her boys, but was tied up in the legal system for years.

When their father perished, the brothers vowed to clean up the mess he’d made, starting with their home. Anything they couldn’t sell to other collectors was dismantled into its components parts and recycled, then reused by other companies with a strong history of manufacturing using reclaimed raw materials.

From that humble beginning, the Calamity Company was formed. The brothers discovered they had a talent for tearing down the old to make room for the new, or at least remove a few of the eyesores of the past. Using twhat was left of the Bloom fortune, they invested in a pair of huge transport ships, a small fleet of shuttles and dropships, and enough equipment to demolish just about anything the Dominion had built in the last few centuries.

And they made a solemn oath to return to Net Zero from each job they took on. It may take a while to achieve that with some jobs, but they had the will to make it work.

These days, the Bloom brothers and their crew at Calamity have taken on contracts big and small across the Sol system, removing abandoned mines from emptied out asteroids and recycling old construction projects on Luna. But they have made a few enemies along the way.

Three major corporations — Greenhouse Demolitions, Inc.; Vortex, Inc.; and Blackwater Operations, Inc. — have been bidding on many of the same demolition, reclamation, and recycling jobs that Calamity has. But Calamity’s record of success has been winning those bids for them. As a result, there have been a series small incidents of sabotage over the years — until two years ago when a ship reactor failed and killed thirteen workers and severely injured Adam at the same time in an operation on Jupiter’s moon, Calypso.

No evidence of foul play was ever found, but it left a black mark on the company record and the brothers have been digging to find anything to connect the dots. They want revenge for their lost companions and Adam’s injuries. However, their streak of success continued even after the “accident” on Calypso and they attracted not only more investors, but skilled labor to help them continue their mission.

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