Group of the Week: The Drifters

No, we’re not talking about the doo-wop group from the 1950s this week. The Drifters in this case are a special brand of bravery or their own flavor of insanity, but either way — they have some great adventures ahead.

The Drifters

In an age of automated exploration, there is a definite lack of romance for such endeavors. A growing movement is afoot for individuals to repurpose small interstellar craft, point them towards a point of interest in the cosmos, put themselves into suspended animation, and wait to arrive. Many of these so-called “Drifters” never return to the world to tell their tales, but a handful have returned and come back with wild stories of danger and discovery on the fringes of explored space.

Some of these Drifters have taken to documenting their journeys like the explorers of the Age of Sail, hearkening back to a time when intrigue, betrayal, and love on the high seas were commonplace. They’ve attracted quite a following as a result, and an entire organization grew around them to profit from tales of their adventures.

Hevelius – Firmamentum Sobiescianum sive Uranographia 1690

A group of cartographers has worked to recreate that ancient style of mapping that details the Drifters’ various destinations, with a flair for the dramatic with dragons and other mythological creatures hinted at with the stars and planets.

These adventures have not been without their pitfalls. The DSF has ignored distress calls from these loners, though the Excursori has stepped in from time to time when they have been in the area. The DSF has kept detailed reports of their adventures in case such information proves useful in the future.

Some of the most well-known Drifter works include: The Perilous Tale of Captain Jacque, Here and There with Gentleman Jane, and Dark Hearts and Pulsar Love.

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