Group of of the Week: Strand Hunters

In an era of genetic modifications, tissue printing, and whole cloth cloning, the search for new strands of DNA has grown exponentially. Many scientists believe that enhancing our own genetic code is the only way to truly thrive as we spread throughout the galaxy.  

A group of independent DNA mercenaries has emerged at the leading edge of this search: the Filum Latro — “Strand Hunters.”

The Filum Latro

Corporate-backed by heavy hitters in the growing medical services market, the Filum are well trained in locating and securing biological samples of every known variety — animal, plant, and alien. Somehow they continue to find their way onto the scene of every new discovery, regardless of how tight the security is kept. Alien crash site? Check. Xenoarchaeological dig? Check. Alien disease outbreak? Check. Unfortunately, little is known about their organization, or if an organization even exists. 

Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

One known member, Evangeline Derry, has been responsible for recovering samples from some of the largest finds in the last few decades. Her collection is believed to have led to many advances in everything from virus development and gene splicing to entirely new DNA building blocks of unknown function. 

After her retirement and eventual disappearance there were rumors she had personally experimented with the addition of Grey psionic abilities to useful extra appendages like those of the Gollus. She published “Cross-pollination of Alien genetic material will ensure Human dominance for the next millennia…” and then vanished. 

What corporate medical interests never expected was the proliferation of new DNA strands everywhere they looked. Each new world, moon, and floating rock, had the possibility to unlock some trace of biological residue never seen before by human science. It was almost as though the universe was filled with genetic Easter eggs just waiting to be discovered.

One such Easter Egg contained traces left behind by the creatures known as The Dread. A Filum member stumbled upon an impact site that should have immolated anything on the surface left behind impossible biological samples of unknown origin and hints that something walked away from the site. Nothing could have survived the impact and yet something did. 

Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

Thankfully, the individual who stumbled upon the impact site didn’t meet the creature that survived reentry. Unfortunately, it opened a can of worms the Dominion was not ready for and that can was full of strands of genetic material, biological samples not compatible with any known life form encountered in our experience. It terrified not only the medical community, but the Dominion Space Forces and the Dominion Council. And that was before any human encountered the Dread face to face.

In all the Dominion’s explorations, this was the first time they truly encountered something ALIEN and it gave them pause. But it hasn’t stopped the Filum Latro in their quest.

New Background: Ex-Strand Hunter

Part scientist, part spy, you were once part of the elusive organization of mercenaries hunting for new genetic material across the galaxy. You may have chosen to retire or been caught somewhere you shouldn’t have been, but you are no longer hidden in the shadows to find biological samples in the dark. The Dominion authorities know your name and will keep you in their sights.

Available Traits: Biology, Bits & Bytes, Diagnostics, Genetic Enhancement, Observant, Sleuth, Stealth, Tactics

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