Group of the Week: Stem to Stern, Inc.

A few weeks ago we talked about a group dedicated to refuse disposal. This week we’re talking about a cleaning crew dedicated to making your spacecraft or facility spotless, making you forget about any unsightly messes.

Stem to Stern, Inc. (S2S)

Every now and then, you may need your ship or facility cleaned by professionals. Perhaps you had an industrial accident and it left a mess. Maybe an alien species got loose and ran through your ship, killing a few employees along the way. Or maybe you simply partied too hard for a few months and you need a fresh start. Whatever the reason, Stem to Stern is there for you.

Each S2S crew is well versed in the cleaning of both organic and inorganic materials, with access to a 3D foundry able to manufacture replacement ceiling, wall, and floor panels, doors, and other components that may bee too far gone to save. A recent contract had them replace several levels of metal grate burned clean through with the acid blood of an unfamiliar xenotype and the ship looks like nothing ever happened. You couldn’t even tell that six out of seven crew members perished in horrible ways!

S2S has contracts to fit every budget, from monthly cleanings to once-a-decade spit shines. And each of their professional crews has signed a strict non-disclosure agreement ensuring that any sensitive information isn’t learned by anyone who might take advantage of such details in the public eye.

However, each S2S crew has the ability to call in the authorities if a situation arises where they feel unsafe. There have been a few incidents that were described as “done” by the companies in question that turned out not to be as finished as they hoped. The DSF and DDF will be called in if any S2S agent is in danger and requires assistance.

All these details are built into each S2S contract, so be sure to read the fine print carefully when you sign on the dotted line…

Thanks for considering S2S as your cleaning solution! We clean it all!

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