Group of the Week: Office of Infectious Diseases (OID)

Every time humankind discovers a new alien species, whether flora, fauna, or some other classification, there’s a possibility it’s carrying the disease that will wipe out humanity. The OID is the only organization vigilant enough to keep that from happening, they hope.

Group of the Week: Office of Infectious Diseases (OID)

Though humanity is often excited by the prospect of discovering new alien life throughout the galaxy, most scientists and doctors will tell you they are terrified by the prospect. New life forms bring new diseases and each new disease has the possibility of wiping out the human race.

War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells was a cautionary tale on two fronts — the aliens came to invade to take our bountiful resources and they were repelled not by our fighting prowess, but terrestrial bacteria — one of the smallest life forms in the galaxy. There are many who believe the Dominion faces similar odds when exploring the galaxy to find new resources to exploit.

The Office of Infectious Diseases (OID) was created to even those odds and present a unified front for containment should new outbreaks occur. And they have garnered a reputation for maintaining an almost draconian approach, using extreme measures when those situations have arisen.

Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

Across the galaxy, DNA has been found as a common building block for creatures big and small. Sure, there are variations — other worlds have other building blocks that may not have appeared on Earth — but back in the late 20th century it was discovered that viruses have the potential to rewrite DNA, thus replicating themselves. Bacteriophages changed life as we know it and we have continued to see that work as we have explored new worlds and unearthed new life.

In the last century, there are at least five documented cases of epidemics taking place on colonies, research stations, and spacecraft, and they were all ugly. The OID has dealt with many others you haven’t heard about and they would like to keep it that way.

New Background!

New Background: Former OID — For a time, you were among the best and the brightest the Dominion had to offer, fighting back the spectres of disease outbreaks among the stars and keeping citizens safe wherever they may be. But something changed and you had to leave, knowing more than you ever wanted to about stopping such threats wherever they arise and seeing their effects on human victims. You signed a thousand dotted lines saying you would never reveal the organization’s secrets, but oh the stories you could tell…

  • Biology, Chemistry, Diagnostics, Medicine

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