Group of the Week: Medicorps

If your character ever has need of one of those handy Medikits in their gear, have you ever wondered where they came from?


Medicorps is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nemostone Industries, one of the top 50 corporations in the Dominion, and somehow manages to keep a low profile. The manufacturing company is definitely a cash cow for Nemostone and fills their coffers nicely.

Founded by engineer Malcolm Hardeston, there was a great deal of fear, uncertainty, and doubt about using their first big product – the Medicorps Instant Fix Kit, which was quickly shortened in the marketing literature to “Medikit.” After all, a medical device created without the help of a medical doctor? Seems a bit absurd. But within days of being announced for sale, the Dominion Space Forces completely bought out their first production run — and a hit product was born.

Each kit delivers a blast of medical-grade nanites able to mend all sorts of human bone and tissue with a decent half life that ensures that all nanites perish and leave the body within 2-3 hours. The initial burst of activity is what does the healing within seconds of entering the body and when the main injury is considered “fixed,” they move on to the next part of the body requiring aid… until all energy is expended and the remaining nanites are discarded as waste by the digestive system.

Each nanite uses the host’s own tissue to coax it into creating stem cells that can then be used to make any other type of cell required. Bone takes longer to create than skin or muscle and can be aided with the help of an external device that holds the nanites in place longer. Skin and muscle heal quickly and the use of stem cells avoids having the body reject any new cellular activity. There are stories of unchecked growth in early test subjects, but they eventually worked the bugs out.

Early trials aside, there were several hacking incidents that spawned interesting mutations in the field. Enterprising criminal technicians managed to piggyback on the signals of active nanites to create horrifying beings with tentacles for hair, enhanced bone growth, or explosive musculature in hijacked victims. Medicorps engineers quickly crated shielded nanite variations to avoid this problem moving forward. (Those same fixes were introduced to the Medipod line as well to protect against unanticipated results due to malicious signals.)

Reported numbers put Medikit manufacturing at several locations across the Dominion at over 1 billion units per month. Medipods are more limited by the time and effort of production and only created upon request for special clients. Those numbers are not released.

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