Group of the Week: MaxiMerc, Inc.

A week ago we introduced a struggling company run by two brothers – The Calamity Company. This week we have a mercenary company ready to do just about any job. As the Ghostbusters once said… “No job too small. No fee too big!”

MaxiMerc, Inc.

No matter what corner of the Dominion you find yourself in, there’s always going to be an odd job nobody wants to do. That’s where hired help comes in. Sometimes you hire a contractor for a particular task, pay them, and they go on their merry way. But sometimes you keep a few on retainer and never quite disclose their actual responsibilities to your board members. It’s safer that way, right? For everybody involved?

MaxiMerc was founded about 30 years ago by Maximilian Lopez, Sr. It’s first employee? Max Jr. It’s first employer? A small outpost in the vicinity of Gliese 832 (BANCE-5) that needed some things tidied up. Max Jr. led a small janitorial team to the site, cleaned up the situation, and got paid handsomely for it. There have been an undisclosed number of jobs since then paid for via vague invoices with the MaxiMerc logo slapped on them.

At any given moment, the company may have as many as five operations going at once, across any or all of the BANCE-accessible systems. Each of their primary operators, overseen by Max Sr. and his son, works fairly independently. None of the five primaries has insight into the work the others are doing and only HQ has a complete picture of the field in play.

There have been a few instances where the company has turned down work it felt seemed “off” in some way, but it has a full roster of satisfied corporate contracts that keeps them quite busy. Though there have been a few accidents on the job that have caused the deaths of MaxiMerc employees from time to time, their job satisfaction record is quite high and many retired DSF soldiers have found their way into their well-paid ranks.

However, the DSF has been investigating allegations of extra-Dominion operations occurring well beyond their charter as registered with the Dominion, but so far no evidence has been found linking them to any of the operations suggested to be out of bounds.

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