Group of of the Week: The Duple Corporation

Human cloning. It’s inevitable, right? But not without its dangers…

The Duple Corporation

The Duple Corporation focuses on just-in-time delivery and storage of cloned human tissue. Though most well-equipped facilities have tissue printers on hand, many of the rich and powerful prefer the “whole cloth” approach to medical replacement parts, providing a lucrative market for those who provide such services.

The growth and preservation of whole human clones presents many technical and ethical challenges that have been argued both in the courtroom and public media for years, drawing its fair share of controversy. Duple has minimized the redundancy of multiple clones, ensuring that three clones exist “in the tank” of each client to offer the widest range of viable organs and tissues for transplant.

Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

The Sphinx Protocol

Dr. Gordon Klemm provided the framework for Duple back in 2103, proposing a minimal viable product to maximize human growth potential for complete coverage, calling it the “Sphinx Protocol” after the classic Greek riddle — “What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three in the evening?”

As each clone reaches the final viable stage, a new clone is readied for system insertion. No body is wasted and any obsolescent tissue is sold for research purposes to other medical corporations. 

The Human Factor

Human rights organizations have long argued against such medical cloning as an unnecessary abomination. Each clone is kept in a chemically-induced coma for their entire lives, continually exposed to tube feeding, electrical muscle stimulation, and nutrient baths designed to mimic amniotic fluid. There have been documented cases of clones in such conditions waking up and panicking, alert but not comprehending their current situation.

Several domestic terror operations have been enacted to “free” such clones over the last century, eventually releasing them into the world after a lengthy education and training program. Each is given a fresh forged identity and let loose to live full lives as Dominion citizens. However, most secretly fear they will be discovered and returned to the tank or eliminated like medical waste.

Duple waves all such concerns and incidents aside with an enormous army of legal and public relations firms contracted to protect the corporation’s interests at all costs.

Other Considerations

A new player in the cloning space, Melius, has taken the Duple model and added genetic manipulation to the mix. Melius uses DNA sequencing, error reduction, and the introduction of foreign DNA to eliminate genetic flaws in each new generation of clones. Rumors hint at even more extensive changes for certain special clients. 

And a third, more frightening prospect, has emerged from NeoCorpus. Combining cloning, genetic manipulation, and cutting edge surgical techniques to potentially transplant a living patient’s head to an entirely new body. Of course, this is only a rumor though the Eternal Council is actively pursuing such an end goal for years.

New Background: Send in the Clones

You are a clone rescued from The Duple Corporation, educated, trained, and given an identity. Though you are grateful, you secretly wonder if your secret will be revealed to the world….

Available Traits: Back to School, Genetic Modification, Hitting the Gym

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