Group of of the Week: The DSM Caduceus

This week, we’re back to talking about a new group in the A&A universe — one that is pretty much needed for many groups to survive. Emergency medical services. Think of it as a hospital ship that may just be able to save your character’s life. 🙂

Caduceus Emergency Services

The DSM Caduceus has the dual distinction of being one of the most highly sought after posts for medical staff in the Dominion Space Forces (DSF) while also being one of the most difficult posts in the DSF fleet. The Caduceus can be found anywhere in Dominion space where the medical need is greatest. No matter where they are in the Dominion, they can usually manage to be on site and ready to help in 24 hours or less. 

Dr. Audrina Crivaro, who also happens to be a full Colonel in the DSF, leads the ship’s medical operations to success. The ship itself is built with ten complete operating suites, recovery facilities, treatment areas, and the staff to aid in the recovery of 500-750 individuals at any given time. The Caduceus is resupplied through regular drops of needed medical equipment and materials, but also has the capability to produce a great deal of what they need through their onboard 3D printing foundry.

In addition, Captain James “Bulldog” Madison leads the ship’s operation, maintaining the ship, navigation, and administration, along with handling it’s small fleet of shuttles and their operation. The division of labor between Madison and Crivaro has led to the tremendous success and smooth sailing over the last decade. 

Through a mix of automated and manual facilities, the Caduceus medical staff has saved tens of thousands of lives over the last two decades alone and is constantly rotating through practicing and training staff members to achieve the highest levels of care possible. Colonel Crivaro has also made it her mandate to ensure that her staff has access to top-of-the-line medical devices and helps test new tools and techniques in extreme circumstances.

During the Skaali Conflict, the Caduceus set up as a continuously operating medical facility ready to handle wounded and dying soldiers from across the Dominion military services or the death toll would have been even larger. Many Marines owe their lives to the diligence and talents of Dr. Crivaro and her teams.

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It is thought that Crivaro herself is looking to retire sometime soon, relinquishing command to her second, Dr. Edvard Marss, a talented surgeon in his own right and experienced administrator. The Caduceus came online in 2208 and Crivaro took command. Marss came on board in 2215, shortly before the Skaali Conflict began.

If you or your team find yourselves on board the Caduceus, you have better than an 85% chance of survival of even the most dire injuries.

Caduceus Transportation

In addition to the available on-board facilities, the Caduceus has a fleet of 10 small, specially-outfitted shuttles that can be used to evacuate the wounded from various situations on and off-planet. Each shuttle is equipped with the latest in ambulatory care to ensure a safe transition from one location to the next, whether transporting from a war zone to the Caduceus, or from the Caduceus to another facility for continued treatment and recovery. 

Photo by Ken Treloar on Unsplash

Each shuttle has room to transport 4-10 wounded and 6-8 emergency staff trained in ensuring they get from place to place in the same condition (or better) than they left. Though each shuttle is rated for a maximum capacity of 10-18 passengers and staff, including the pilots, they have customized each to be extremely flexible and can transport as many as 24 when the need arises.

New Background – Former Caduceus Medical Staff Member

You did a rotation among the medical staff on the DSF medical ship Caduceus, learning how to triage battlefield wounds, patch them up as best you can, and hopefully put them on track for a full recovery. In addition, you have a good relationship with the Caduceus’ crew and may be able to pull in a favor for access to advanced medical equipment or services. 

Available traits: Bandages, Combat Healing, Diagnostics, Medicine, Surgery

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