Group of of the Week: Dings & Dents

Sorry I’m a day late, but I had a great time at Crit Hit 4 in Phoenix and did manage to get a little writing done. Dings & Dents is one of those places you only want to go if you absolutely have to…

Dings & Dents Biohacking

Even in the crowded corridors of deep space facilities, moon outposts, and extra-terrestrial worlds, you will find those willing to make you better, for a price. Whether you need a few stitches or a replacement body part, they will offer a lopsided deal sure to be better for them than you.

One of those places exists on the dark side of Earth’s moon, Luna. “Dings & Dents” operates out of a forgotten warehouse in one of the many industrial parks abandoned after the rapid expansion to the moon and beyond. When the focus shifted elsewhere in the Dominion, the moon was quickly left behind for more fertile ground — leaving it open for less scrupulous folks to sweep in to occupy the space left behind when the moon dust settled.

The medtech only known as “Crater” rose to fame after opening the doors of Dings & Dents in one of those abandoned warehouses, doling out medical aid to those willing to strike a bargain. At first it may have been only temporary digs, but eventually he had enough cash to buy the building outright and hire the guards who had been working there for years. Since then, Crater’s marketplace of medical wonders has grown to include a wide array of technicians with “special” skills considered at best unsafe and at worst illegal. 

Of course, any deals struck within those walls have a high price that usually extends far beyond the initial services rendered…

It doesn’t take much to pay for a Medikit application or to set a bone, but a new kidney, lung, arm, or leg? Those cost favors that rope you into Crater’s web of schemes. Perhaps you’ll deliver a message or an item to a shady figure far from Luna. Maybe you’ll perform an unseemly task in a bad place you’d rather avoid. Or maybe he’ll have you repossess body parts he installed from those who didn’t fulfill their end of the bargain. He usually “repurposes” those to help out his bottom line.

If you’re on the right side of the Dominion’s good graces, you can avoid places like Dings & Dents. If not, you seek “help” where you can. The lights are always twinkling on the dark side of the moon, just like the horrible ideas dancing in Crater’s eyes as he works his magic on you.

Crater’s Associates

Though Crater handles most of the meditech cases that come through his door, he has associates capable of handling a wide variety of illicit activities for the right price…

  • Thumbs (Crater’s Administrative Assistant) is a small man plopped on top of a robotic spider-like body and four extra arms. Crater keeps promising to one day upgrade the chassis to give him the eight arms he desperately wants. As it is, he’s truly “all thumbs” with the extra limbs he has, so the odds are not in his favor.
  • Barrel leases space for a gun shop and shooting range at the back of Crater’s warehouse. He provides untraceable weapons plus a place to demonstrate their use. He’s a mammoth man who sits on a robotic wheelchair for mobility. Barrel’s head is ringed by a powerful ocular implant granting him vision to a nanoscale level and can build or repair just about any kind of firearm you can think of — and a few you may not want to consider.
  • And Mite ma be a small woman, but she likes big explosions. Her standard approach is to pack two pounds of crazy into a one pound bag and make sure that when you open it, it blows your face off. She is suspected of being the only person in the Dominion of smuggling a bomb into the Dominion Council, something once considered impossible to achieve. Luckily, staff member Rubin Chase from Cydyne had the Dominion’s best care on his side or he’d be without the use of either of his hands…
Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

New Background – “I Owe Crater a Favor”

At some point in your past, you did something and didn’t get caught, but you were hurt badly in the process. You heard about Dings & Dents on Luna and bled your way to Crater’s door, where he fixed you right up — for a future favor of his choosing. Best of luck with the new body parts!

Available trait: Cybernetic Enhancement

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