Group of the Week: Dominion Advancement and Research Agency (DARDA)

Deep in the Dominion government exists an agency protecting the advancement of technology within human controlled space. If that sounds devious, it is.

Dominion Advancement and Research Agency (DARDA)

Hidden within the dark folds of the Dominion is a group of eggheads shaping the future of technology across human space–and their names are hidden from view. Though there are think tanks and brain trusts aplenty scattered throughout the five systems, only a handful are government funded. Of those, only DARDA has a single public spokesman and no transparency as to its members or true mission.

Formed in the earliest days of the Dominion, very little is actually known of the agency’s activities. It exists solely as a line item in the annual Dominion budget ratified by the council. Rumors and innuendo have connected DARDAn members with everything from the rise of the Dread to the creation of the first Neogen. Some believe that DARDA secretly funds the Excursori, though there is good evidence that it may in fact be one of the shadow funding sources for XDX, funding numerous expeditions to glean what can be found in the Stellar Graveyard in the wake of the Dread. Some even connect DARDA to the early days of the BANCE project and suggest hidden gates may exist to keep the agency’s work away from prying eyes.

Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash

The truth is that very little is known beyond the fact that DARDA likely employs scientists, researchers, and technicians from across the Dominion to support its aims, whatever they may be. These secret government employees are known as “DARDAns” in the conspiracy community and are believed to work in hidden laboratories across Dominion space.

Occasionally a rumor will surface in a CONN story, but retractions are common. Until someone comes forward with concrete details, we may never know what DARDA is truly up to.

New Background!

New Background: Ex-DARDA — You know you have a past affiliation with the shadowy organization known as DARDA, but you don’t have any specific memories of what you did there. Each time you ponder DARDA, your brain aches and you have a strong feeling of being watched. (Use same trait list as Biohacker.)

Referee note: This background can provide some interesting hooks. Perhaps the character doesn’t want it to be known that they are Ex-DARDA or they are investigating their own past, which puts DARDA agents on their trail. However the player sees this working, use it to your advantage to provide interesting hooks to fun side quests for technology or strange events occurring across the Dominion. And who knows when a strange figure might appear to unsettle your characters on a mission or during their downtime?!

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