Group of of the Week: Caro Imprina, Inc. (CII)

Medicorps has the medical kit market sewn up and is making strides into other areas of the medical device market with its medipods that handle more significant trauma repair and recuperation. But they are not the only game in town for medical devices.

Caro Imprina, Inc. (CII)

Caro Imprina, Inc. (CII) cornered the tissue printing market in 2158 by offering a “free” top of the line tissue printer to any medical service provider (MSP) if they agreed to a one year contract to provide the cellular “ink” used to produce everything from organs and nerve fibers to dermis and bone. A single cartridge can produce one organ or up to nine square meters of dermis based on specifications created based on CT and MRI imaging and amazingly detailed 3D schematics.

Almost overnight, CII went from being an unknown player to one of the most profitable companies in the Dominion.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

A busy MSP such as the emergency room at a hospital can see upwards of 100 critical care patients suffering from burns, breaks, and bullet holes. Most use traditional techniques, relying on the body’s ability to heal with time and proper treatment. Some patients get non-traditional treatments such as nanoenhanced tissue repair, nanospeed recovery via bone and tissue scaffolding, etc. But a select few require more, which is when tissue printing comes into play.

Even if a MSP uses a few bioprinting cartridges each week, they are seeing a huge return on investment. Though the DSF has put all of its eggs on Medicorps technologies, many hospitals and small treatment centers for the corporate elite use a combination of techniques to accomplish impressively speedy results at an enormous cost. 

CII knew what it was doing when it set up the printer/bioink funnel and the secret to what is in the bioink is a highly protected corporate secret. Each CII-certified cartridge is protected by a tamper-proof security system that destroys the contents if anything goes awry. The cartridges have a one year shelf life and are produced in batches of 1,000 to 10,000 depending on demand. And each cartridge is certified with a 99.9999% effectiveness rating and a money back guarantee. If something goes wrong, CII will pay to fix the situation as expediently and efficiently as possible.

With reliability figures hovering around one incident per one million cartridges used, they have an insane amount of brand loyalty which is offering insane levels of corporate returns.

CII printers are found across the five systems and regularly updated to include all the latest designs for free. An entire army of medical engineers is producing 3D medical specifications to a nanoscale level. These specifications not only work to scaffold the tissue to fit the needs of the form produced, but creating alignments of specific cellular tissues to ensure that everything is consistent to insane levels. It is a meticulous, exacting process also requiring an amazing amount of testing and verification. 

Of course, costs being what they are, some unscrupulous individuals have done their best to create knock-off cartridges of bioink at a steep discount. Some have had degrees of success with simple print jobs, but there have been many disastrous horror stories of things going wrong. Everything from random mutations and cancer throughout printed tissues to printed organs imply dissolving inside the body cavity. Lawsuits are incredibly hard to work to completion when the companies simply vanish without a trace, but the Dominion Security Service (DSS) has an entire squad working on bringing any of these malfeasant monsters to justice. 

Photo by Carolina Heza on Unsplash

One company has been working through legitimate channels to produce a new type of cartridge for the general population from an unexpected source. Remflora, Inc found a remarkable breakthrough in using plant-based stem cells to achieve the same ends as CII bioink. Though there have been great success in some medical trials, there have been mysterious symptoms appearing in patients where the new process has been used. 

The cause of these symptoms? A lack of natural sunlight. After a certain number of days, patients would note plummeting energy levels, skin cells sloughing away in huge sheets of dermis, and actual green shoots piercing the skin from within seeking additional energy. Nothing has helped these patients except for Sol’s warm embrace. Many patients on Earth, Luna, and Mars have been content to deal with the post-treatment application of sunlight due to the reduction of cost, but others beyond strong solar energy have been forced to find other options. 

The Dominion Medical Council runs regular ads reminding medical staff and patients to be on the lookout for imposter treatments, reminding everyone to use only certified medical supplies from reputable companies or risk the consequences. However, in matters of life and death you often go with the solution at hand and simply deal with the aftermath as best you can.

New Background: Plant Medicine

You were one of the lucky few who took part in a medical trial run by Remflora on the inner worlds and since then they have needed a little extra TLC to mend after getting hurt. Each participant gains a disadvantage. Normal healing, without the benefit of sunlight, is only half as effective as normal.

  • Available Traits: +1 Natural AR or +2 Toughness. Disadvantage: Halve all healing given without additional sunlight.

Referee Note: The Disadvantage of requiring sunlight to get the full effectiveness of sunlight can be worked around creatively. Perhaps use a Purchase Roll to work up a technical solution such as a bolt-on addition for medikits that provides a concentrated dose of artificial sunlight to the skin while injecting nanites or special medikits whose nanites actually emit artificial sunlight while healing the character. It’s quite possible that the character is on a planet where they get natural sunlight (to the skin, not through a suit) without difficulty, so healing isn’t a problem (like on Earth). However it is worked through, work through how it can be solved in your particular game scenario.

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