Green Magicks: Harvesting Herbalism

So we’ve already hit upon a few of the other types of wizardry from the old Moebius Adventures RPG… Runic Magic, Greater and Lesser WIzardry, Alchemy, and Bardic Magic. And with the discussion of Alchemy, I thought it might be time to bring out another one of the recipe-based wizards – the Herbalists.

Though Alchemists are interested in using physical means to harness magical energy – namely potions, powders, scrolls, and items – it’s usually concerned with pushing magic into those objects as a means of storage. Though there is debate about where the magical energy comes from, some believe that the very creative act that most wizards perform takes some form of energy from elsewhere. Essentially, creation causes destruction somewhere else if the principle of conservation of energy is to be followed.

warszawianka-Group-of-treesIt’s that irresponsible destruction that Herbalists choose to try and avoid wherever possible. They believe instead that nature itself possesses inherent mystical energy and we can harness it without destroying the world around us. This means wizards can pull energy from nature instead of other places and essentially grow more of a particular ingredient to replenish that source.

This philosophy has led to the creation of spells with ingredients that can be found and collected in the wild or grown in gardens and recipes that attempt to use those materials.

Spells include:

  • Animate Plant
  • Cleanse Water (and its opposite – Foul Water)
  • Cure Disease (or its opposite – Cause Disease)
  • Direction Sense (by essentially asking the local plants where the sun rises)
  • Grow Plants (increases the growth rate of local flora)
  • Heal
  • Invigorate (or its opposite – Fatigue)
  • Neutralize Poison
  • Shape Plants

And many others. The goal is to utilize the natural world as much as possible to complete the Herbalist’s tasks.

Such abilities come in handy in the wild as well as in urban environments. Flora can be found everywhere from the lowliest moss and lichen to the tallest trees. Some of these practitioners are thought to be druids, but they are in fact more akin to scholars of the natural world than believers in the spirits and gods of that world.

A talented Herbalist can heal his party members while using the plants nearby to protect them from their enemies. After all, those who live in nature are familiar with the principle of survival of the fittest. And those who can control their very environments are definitely more apt to survive in the wild than those who cannot.

Next time you hear the trees move above you, I recommend you look around for a nearby Herbalist waiting for the right opportunity to turn you into mulch. 🙂

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