Great Indie RPG Giveaway!

That’s right… Moebius Adventures is participating in the Great Indie RPG Giveaway this year that’s put on by the great folks at Roleplayers Chronicle. But what does that mean exactly?

Great Indie RPG Giveaway TicketFirst, there are some fantastic publishers in 5 different packages – Fantasy, Horror, Technology, Historical, and Heroic. Each package features a variety of publishers with some first-rate content.

Second, all you have to do is follow some of those same great publishers to get entries and gain access to all the cool products. Tweet, follow on Twitter, or head to Facebook. Each “entry” gives you a ticket for the big prize drawing at the end of the giveaway.

This helps connect you to these cool publishers (and Moebius Adventures) and gives you a shot at winning some amazing game content. What do you have to lose?

Moebius has three different products in the bucket for Fantasy (Brick by Brick: Doors, Insta-NPCs #1, and One Spot #1) and one for Horror (Little Spaces: Scary Basements) – so it’s a great opportunity to get some cool system-neutral stuff as well as great stuff from folks like Raging Swan Press, Third Eye Games, Crafty Games, Heroic Maps, and so very much more!

So head over to the contest page at Roleplayers Chronicle and get your entries in today!

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