Garret’s Guide to the Undead – Released!

Long ago there was a great hero – Sir Garret Thom, a Holy Knight responsible for taking out some of the most vile undead creatures imaginable. Entire swaths of civilization may have been lost if not for him and the collection of heroes under his tutelage.

mazes-perils-garrets-guide-to-the-undead-coverOver time, a small group of those trainees began to pull together his wisdom into guides that could be passed along to future generations. This is the first of those guides – Garret’s Guide to the Undead. Undead are among the biggest threats a Holy Knight will ever face in his battles against evil – and it helps to be prepared.

This guide gathers details about each of the main types of undead – Ghosts and Ghouls on through Vampires and Zombies.

For a sample of the wisdom held within, be sure to check out the Holy Knight Home Study Guide series of posts:

Also included in the book are a few words about our cleric friends, a new ritual, a bit more about Ghouls and Spectres and a new section about Vampires, one of the biggest threats you will face in the world. All the information a new Holy Knight might need to face these undead creatures in the world.

Get a copy today and prepare to save the world against these threats!

Interested in learning more about the Holy Knight or Mazes & Perils? Check out Mazes & Perils: The Holy Knight and Mazes & Perils Deluxe!

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