Roleplaying has probably been around as long as mankind has had an imagination.

As a child, can you remember pretending to be someone else on a school playground or in your own back yard? You might have imagined yourself as a famous sports figure, playing house, or stepping into the shoes of your favorite character from television or the movies.

Even as adults, who among us hasn’t wondered what it might be like to be somebody else? Some people even develop the ability to role-play professionally, acting a part on stage or screen after carefully researching their characters motivations and dreams.

There are those adults that believe only children should play make-believe. Yet most of us use our creativity and imaginations almost daily to solve life’s little problems. So why not explore and develop your imagination as a teenager or adult? We all need to play now and then – and why not become spies like James Bond or Jack Ryan or a wizard like Merlin or Gandalf for a little while? By using your imagination, you may be able to face the world with fresh eyes and new solutions!

This is where Roleplaying Games (RPGs) come into the picture. Though they’re definitely not the only way to engage the imagination, they are a great way to be creative in a social setting.

RPGs define a set of rules to make sure people play fairly. Don’t think of the rules as limitations or boundaries, but as guidelines. When everyone plays within the same set of rules, the game itself becomes less important than how you play as a participant.

As with any game, the object of playing should be to have fun. This doesn’t mean that all roleplaying games are meant to be slapstick! But people should remember not to take things too seriously – it is just a game!

Moebius Adventures Games

Aliens & Asteroids

Aliens & Asteroids opens up a whole new vista of adventure for roleplayers, combining the uncertainty of space exploration with the horror of discovering beings and technologies so far beyond our understanding as to create a veritable Dread when we meet those things in the void.

A&A was inspired by such movies, television series, and games like X-COM, Space: Above and Beyond, Alien & Aliens, The Expanse, Blade Runner, Starship Troopers, and so on. We have been inspired almost as much by the works of Robert Heinlein as we have by H.P. Lovecraft, and you can definitely see where those worlds have begun to collide.

This game utilizes a new system known as Inverse20, which offers a fast resolution mechanic that can be adapted quickly at the table to meet the needs of nearly anything you encounter.