Game Fodder: Twelve Ships Presumed Lost

Sailors live to tell tales. Lucky sailors live to tell tales of the ships they once called home that may have met an unfortunate end or whose journeys ended in mystery…

tall-shipHere are twelve such ships and mysteries to mix and match. Roll a d12 twice and check the table below.

Roll (d12)Ship NameMysterious Fate
1SmiteSailed off the edge of the world
2DesperationLost after a battle with pirates
3Goblet AnguishPulled to the bottom by sea serpents
4The BladeBurned to the waterline after a lightning strike
5The Bloody BarnaclePlague ship
6StrumpetPowder keg explosion
7ShameOverloaded and lost in a storm
8The PlagueLost to starvation and madness
9Eel of the SeaRun aground and destroyed in rough seas
10Her FlailSlave revolt
11True NorthMutiny
12King WarLost in whirlpool

For other random ship names be sure to check out:

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