Tobias Kwan - Red Lady

Game Fodder: The Queen of Red Ichor

At the heart of the hidden complex lay a deep pool of the darkest red ichor where the Queen lay waiting. When her followers bring her a sacrifice she emerges, floating slowly until the fluids run completely from her body.

“What do you seek?”

Petitioners must follow a particular sing-song rhythm if they wish to seek her wisdom.

“A path to the truth.”

“What path?”

“The path of the crimson ichor.”

“Who must you seek?”

“The Queen.”

“What do you offer?”

The petitioner must offer something of value. In darker times, children were sacrificed. But to keep the Queen safe her followers often will ask for offerings of things the temple needs. Most often it can be something of monetary value, but it can also be foodstuff, clothing, or even news of the outside world.

“What would you ask of her?”

At this point, the petitioner can ask a single, carefully worded question. She will answer in oracular fashion, stating an answer clear to her but potentially obscure to the petitioner asking. And the petitioner may not ask a second question to clarify.

(Inspired by the art to the right from Tobias Kwan.)

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