Game Fodder: Five Lost Gods

In the mists of time, many deities have risen and fallen. Here are five gods and goddesses who have been lost to time… Will they return?

1. Sura – Goddess of Sand, destroyed in a battle with Caven, Ruler of Storms
2. Ban – God of Borders, presumed lost when the Kingdom of Aven was swallowed by the sea
3. Wend – Patron of Sail, last seen heading into the Dead Sea
4. Faide – Goddess of Transition, torn apart giving birth to her triplets – Stase (Goddess of Stability), Gress (God of Change), and Heave (God of Flux)
5. Casta – God of Chance, made a wager betting his life on a battle and lost

Stay tuned for other fun tidbits!

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