Game Fodder: Five Cataclysms of Old

It has been said that the world will eventually come to an end. It has also been said that it has already happened. Multiple times.

Here are a few ancient events to ponder as possible cataclysmic events…

The Eruption of Mt. Black

Little is known of the Mt. Black eruption beyond the fact that a fragment of the mountain remains and the landscape is devoid of life for miles in all directions. Scarred black rock covers the ground, retaining the heat of the sun and remaining at a constant temperature of 100 degrees (peaking as high as 150 degrees in the summer). Though inhospitable, some wizards have discovered that the rock, when powdered, can be used for fire-related spells in place of ash to increase potency by 10-25%.

The Crater of Droche

At the bottom of the valley of Omid lay the Crater of Droche, a giant hole in the ground believed by many to be the place where a god fell from the heavens. It is said that trees up and down the valley were knocked over by the force of the explosion when something hit the valley floor. The cloud of dust and debris filled the air for days, blocking the sun and driving people and animals from the area for weeks before it fully settled. Nothing was ever found at the bottom of the hole, but everyone has a theory…

The Great Earthquake of Erud

Once one of the five most powerful kingdoms in the peninsula of Atos, Erud was known far and wide for its fine wines and amazing cuisine. Unfortunately, it was not to last. One summer day, the ground began to shake across the land. The shaking lasted for three days, knocking every building, tree, and being to the ground. When the ground stopped moving, the entire kingdom was leveled and there were only a handful of survivors among the ruins.

Swells of Redra

Before the Swells of Redra swallowed the shoreline of Abrun, it is said there was a great explosion on the horizon. Perhaps something fell from the sky. Perhaps something rose from the bottom of the sea. But either way, the wave that was created grew to heights of over 100 feet, smashing anything and everything in its way for miles. Several cities were destroyed and boats from the sea were found inland more than 20 miles.

Deluge of Burdir

On the plain of Burdir, near the King’s Forest, there was once a storm that lasted for weeks. The waters flooded the banks of every stream and river, creating vast unpassable areas of rushing current, temporary swamp, and debris. Small villages and towns in the water’s path were washed away and hundreds were lost.

Stay tuned for other fun tidbits!

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