Game Fodder: D10 Things Washed Up On Your Shores

There’s nothing PCs love more than a long walk on a deserted beach in full armor attacking something that just washed in from ocean, so why not give them a few things to spice up those sand-filled encounters? any of these ten things to entice your PCs to do more at the seashore…

  1. Torn Sailcloth
  2. Thigh Bone (fleshless or flesh covered and torn)
  3. Figurehead from a ship
  4. Tentacle from some deep sea creature
  5. Whale Carcass
  6. Broken Teeth (sharks or other beasties)
  7. Glass Bottle (whole or broken, with or without message)
  8. Child’s Toy
  9. Giant Eyeball (just one, useful for bowling)
  10. Sea Serpent (alive or dead, your choice)

Should your PCs be exploring seafront property, pull out your d10 and see where one of these goes. Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with off the top of my head:

A sea serpent from Olaus Magnus's book History...

A sea serpent from Olaus Magnus’s book History of the Northern Peoples (1555). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • (Whale Carcass) As you burst through the dense foliage, you find yourself standing on a grassy berm overlooking a small strip of rocky beach. It would be beautiful except for the rotting whale carcass that washed ashore. The stench alone is powerful enough to keep you away, but the fact that you see movement rippling beneath the skin suggests that you might soon see combat…
  • (Figurehead) The remains of a shipwreck have come to rest on the beach before you in a jumble of lumber and at its heart you see the familiar figurehead of the HMS Triton – the god Neptune defiantly thrusting his trident, now broken, into the sand…
  • (Torn Sailcloth) The road you are on follows the coastline closely and winds its way towards the city in the distance. Off the road on a small stretch of beach you find a section of torn sailcloth covering something roughly human sized…
  • (Glass Bottle) A small child is sitting on the beach digging a hole in the sand on a lazy afternoon. Beside him is a small pile of glass bottles, each containing a message. Has he uncovered a hidden cache of messages from the sea or preparing to bury his treasure?

Like the Little Spaces products, you have to do some work as a GM to make these into complete plot hooks or encounter ideas. But in a pinch, it’s handy to have such things handy just in case!


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