Game Fodder: 10 Things You Might Find at the Alchemist’s

Whether you head to the alchemist for a headache cure, plant food, or Cure Light Wounds, odds are that you’ll find yourself in one of their shops from time to time. As a wizard you may need a spell component. As your garden variety adventurer you may be looking for work and need to gather something for your friendly neighborhood potion mixer. But what exactly is in all those vials, bottles, and bags on the shelves?

Potion-labels-Set-Two - Arnauerta

Witch Potion Halloween Labels – Dead Spider (

Here are ten things you might find on the shelf at your local alchemist’s shop:

  1. Eyes
  2. Tails
  3. Fingers
  4. Toes
  5. Insect wings
  6. Claws
  7. Skull fragments
  8. Bone dust
  9. Toad sweat
  10. Frog spit

Be careful what you grab, for you may not like its effects. But if the effects last more than four hours, be sure to see your party healer!

Stay tuned for other fun tidbits!

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