Friendly Galactic Gunsmith – Weapon Mods

Last time we chatted about some fun hacks for ammunition. This time, let’s talk about the guns themselves. Characters with the Gunsmith trait can build, modify, or
repair standard guns during Downtime. That’s pretty broad when we come right down to it. And if you specialize in a particular type of gun (Gunsmith: Pistol), you can start changing the properties of the weapon itself to gain additional bonuses.


Wait! Let us show you how to make larger weapons, human!

Essentially it’s up to the Referee to determine what is acceptable and I have to say I’ve been pretty lenient so far with my own group. I only rarely say “no”, though they really haven’t dived into the whole realm of modifying their own guns a ton yet.

So let’s go through a hypothetical situation. The DMS Pilgrim, where my players are currently based, has a gunsmith on board. I don’t think I’ve given him a name, but let’s call him Colt Henry.

We have a new player who has a technician that isn’t trained in the Guns trait yet. What can our man Henry do for him? r5d-Gun-800pxIf we take a standard Dominion-issued pistol, it has the following stats:

  • Effective Range 1-10m
  • Reload Speed (RS) 1
  • 10 rounds per clip
  • d6 damage, single

Without the Guns trait, our Technician has an average chance to hit something by rolling a single d20. If it’s too far away, it’s at a Disadvantage. If he’s firing point blank, I’d probably give him Advantage. If he takes an action to aim, he can do 2d6 damage with that single shot if he hits.

If I was playing the gunsmith in A&A, I might come up with these ideas:

  • Add a Scope (Accuracy +1 when Aiming)
  • Add a Laser Sight (Accuracy +1 when Aiming)
  • Add an Auto-Loader (gun reduced to RS0 for the first reload each mission, must be reset during downtime)
  • Add a Stock (Accuracy +1 when Aiming)
  • Add an Expanded Magazine (15 rounds instead of 10)

drunken-duck-soldier-silhouette-1-800px.pngI would probably rule that the smaller the gun, you could only make one or two modifications max. So I’d cut it off at 2 modifications for a pistol, but they would stack. For instance, I might add a Laser Sight and an Expanded Magazine. Or an Auto-Loader and an Expanded Magazine. But adding a Scope and a Laser Sight would grant a combined +2 to Accuracy when Aiming.

Because all of these are “after market” modifications, if the gun breaks, these changes would have to be re-made with another weapon. And each would cost a Purchase Roll (PR) unless the character has the Gunsmith trait himself.

In the latter case, the technician would have to make these changes during Downtime and make an Accuracy check. If they fail the check, the gun is damaged and must be repaired before attempting to make any additional modification.

One of our characters, our Commander Zell, has a Pulse Rifle outfitted with a small grenade launcher (3 small grenades) and a flamethrower right now, in true Aliens Ripley style. So just about anything is possible.

What will YOU allow in your games? Curious minds want to know!

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