Friday Links for October 16, 2009

Hi all…

Once again, the RPG community presents not only creative ideas, but thought-provoking material that crosses genres and systems. I’m always impressed by the collective knowledge in the RPG blogosphere and this week was no different.

Friday Links

Hopefully I can finish a couple of posts over the weekend about my own take on morality in RPGs, as we had a bit different perspective for the Moebius Adventures system.

But here’s what you came for… the Friday Links!

  • Gnome Stew’s Matthew Neagley has increased the paranoia tenfold against the little races of fantasy roleplaying games. Gnomes are being called out as sneaky, dangerous, and effective enemies under the right conditions and damn if they don’t have some great ideas in the comments too – Gnometroopers and Gnome-jas are now going to be added to my own repertoire of evil!
  • In the “Why don’t I have one of these in my dungeon” category, we have the Obelisk of Undeath from the RPG Dumping Ground. I will definitely be investing in some necromancer swag and hiring some undead guardians soon!
  • As a fan of the old MechWarrior RPG (1st ed), I was shocked and surprised to see a simplified version of the rules boiled down to 6 pages. Amazing. Chgowiz of Chgowiz’s Old Guy RPG Blog has done a great job pulling these together. I’d be curious to see how they play. Luckily I have a friend moving nearby in a few months that was my old MW GM in College. We might have to give them a shot!
  • Taichara over at A Hamster Hoard of Dungeons and Dragons has a handful of NPCs for our GMing pleasure – extras if you will to populate your world with some people with character. I love the little touches. Great post!
  • I’m just getting back to GMing after a long dry spell and it’s good to know what to avoid as I get started again… So seeing the Top Ten Ways to Know Your Campaign Sucks is a good refresher course from Rule of the Dice. When the only thing the players remember is the pizza, something has to be wrong…
  • In the “bizarre, but strangely compelling” category we have Spenser Idahl’s adventure hook “Sunday Hooks – Beetle Juice Edition” from Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies. Reminds me a bit of The Mummy with Brendan Frazer, but I have to say it’s always creepy when an NPC dissolves into a swarm of bugs! Ack!
  • From Troll and Flame, we have a well thought out revamping of a magic system. I too have been obsessed lately with magic systems, so this is a timely post for me. And the author came up with a similar pattern to what I’m probably going to do with Moebius Adventures – each type of magic user has a slightly different bent. There are similarities and commonalities, but one mage doesn’t have to be the same as every other. I like the division between Mage, Sorcerer, Wyrd (Runes), Staff wizards, etc. Great food for thought.
  • From allgeektout, we have a thought that I’m not sure why didn’t occur to me until now… Using top ten lists to shape expectations for a project and deciding what to emphasize… Oh duh! The author provides a sample for his Six Seas setting, listing 10 things you need to know about the six seas…
  • In the current RPG Blog Carnival on morality in games, Jade on Evil Machinations brings up some interesting crunch to consider for ourselves and our characters. We can’t purge our dark sides, but we can be aware of them. And as Jade says, RPGs provide an outlet for our shadow selves to assert themselves safely.

Awesome posts and I’m sure there were many more this past week!

Have a great weekend!


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5 thoughts on “Friday Links for October 16, 2009”

  1. @mthomas768 and @Aaron – you’re quite welcome. I love finding great things on the web. And I’m constantly making lists – I have no idea how using one to help with writing and adventure design slipped my mind!

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