Friday Links for November 6, 2009

Hi all!

While my own efforts have been bashed in the head with the baseball bat that is reality… I have to show the work of a few other folks whose creativity makes me realize that even if my brain has a dent, I should keep plowing on – because how can you not be inspired by these people??

  • Friday Links Banner 150x150Over at the Free RPG Blog, Rob Lang has done a review of… the Nevermeet Press website?? Yes, that’s right – he’s reviewing the website as a source of great, free, system-generic resources for roleplaying games. This has to be one of the best breakdowns of what a particular site provides that I’ve seen. Jonathan and Michael have done amazing work and Rob is just letting us all know we should pay more attention. 🙂
  • At Game in the Brain, Nikolas has provided a list of great free open source resources you can use to create your game materials. Everything from OpenOffice to create the textual content to GIMP for the graphics to Scribus for the desktop publishing. As someone who has been working in open source for the last 4 years or so, it brings tears of joy to see open source applications heralded outside the software industry! I’d also add FreeMind, an open source mind mapping tool, to his list as a great resource.
  • From The RPG Athenaeum we have a wonderful list of 100 street scenes for Medieval settlements – otherwise known as “adding crunch” to what might otherwise be a static world. I know that I will soon be leveraging any number of these simple prompts in a game to spawn some creativity when things go stagnant. Why don’t you roll 2d10 and see what you end up with? Ah… #50 “While walking past a temple, a hero is struck in the back with rotten fruit (in warmer months) or a snowball (in winter). The only person visible when the hero looks behind him is an elderly woman, ambling about nonchalantly.” Happens to me all the time!!
  • Wimwick at Dungeon’s has some thoughts on getting players engaged. Starting with a little, tantalizing bit of information sometimes gets the imagination going into overdrive and causes players to… ask questions, get involved, and generally dive into the world and adventure to find answers to the questions that they have to answer or else go insane… 🙂
  • And Yax over at Dungeon Mastering has come up with 30 fiction writing tips to make us all better GMs… And, like Wimwick’s thoughts about engaging players, Yax’s #1 tip is to focus on the well crafted detail or NPC to help tell a great story. How can anybody really argue with that?? This is the first 10 tips… more are coming in the next couple of days!

Hope everybody has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!! And if you feel like providing some feedback, take a look at my Design Question of the Week and throw your $0.02 into the mix. I’d love some more input!


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