Free RPG Day 2014 is here!

Though Moebius Adventures isn’t one of the big publishers, we like to contribute to industry-wide efforts whenever possible. Free RPG Day 2014 is upon us and this year it seemed a perfect time to release The Smiler on an unsuspecting world! (For all the cool stuff contributed by sponsors of Free RPG Day, be sure to check out their website!)

Spark: The Smiler coverSo who is “The Smiler” you ask?

He is one creepy dude who loves nothing more than to wander from place to place draining the happiness from whomever happens to live there. Nobody knows where he came from or what started him on this mad journey, but he takes great pleasure in souring the lives of others.

This is the first in a new line of one-off supplements filled with ideas that just didn’t fit anywhere else. NPCs, setting ideas, a group, an item, or anything else that can’t find a home in one of the other products. These little one-to-few page items are to be used to “spark” the imagination of some gamemaster, storyteller, or dungeon master somewhere seeking that unknown thing to get their creative juices in motion.

In this case, it began with an encounter during a convention when I wrote these words… “His smile unnerved me with its sinister sneer, curling at the corners with a predator’s hunger, teeth barely contained behind thin lips…”


This guy is truly not anyone you want to meet… ever. But he will create havoc wherever you put him – no matter he system, genre, or world.

May you have a fantastic Free RPG Day and not let the Smiler destroy too many lives wherever you put him!

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