Five Encounters Direct from the Moon…

Working on the next Little Spaces product for inspiring moon-based encounters and such, I came up with the following examples:

  • rg1024_Moon_in_comic_style(Sight/Shape/Ringed) After the massive collision on the dark side of the moon, we saw the first of three rings form in close orbit above the surface from the dust and rock kicked into the thin atmosphere. Instruments detected a slight shift in orbit after the comet blindsided us. The resulting moon quakes rocked our small outpost to the core, causing massive damage in the lower levels. Evacuation procedures were in place but many of the pods were buried in debris…
  • (Hearing/Size/Hidden) In the rocky tunnels beneath the surface, the miners began hearing strange echoes. The pressurized environment allowed sound to bounce in odd ways around corners, through ducts, and off support posts and tools. They were used to strange sounds, but this was stranger than most. Depending on where they stood, it sounded large or small, a squeak or a roar. Had the deep team lost their minds finally drilling at the center of a rogue rock in deep space?
  • (Smell/Distance/Ominous) Most of the operation ran automated, but the outpost still needed an operator to fix things that went awry. And sometimes when things went wrong, they really went wrong. Shortly after the supply crew arrived to drop off another year of supplies, the delivery guy and I were shooting the breeze when we noticed a strange smell coming from the supply closet. When he didn’t come back after “checking it out” I knew something was not quite right… But we were alone up here, weren’t we?
  • (Touch/Color/Fallow) Walking on the surface towards the obelisk, the astronaut stepped lightly in his bulky suit. In his recorded monologue with the ship, he noted the strange difference in the color of the dust and rocks the closer he came. Up to here the rocks were a standard gray — fallow and devoid of life; but 15 feet away from the strange object it was almost as if someone could plant something in the brown, healthy earth. What was this strange thing doing to the environment?
  • (Taste/Activity/Powdery) The moon base cafeteria is a hive of activity following the completion of their mining quota for the quarter. The crew would soon be heading home to enjoy their hard-earned pay. They hardly noticed the powdery, tasteless eggs and recycled water today. Nor did they notice as the air levels reached near toxic levels…

This product will be a return to the original format for the Little Spaces with the senses, descriptive elements, and description approach. Look for it to come out in the next few weeks!

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