First RPG Purchased – #RPGaDAY 2014, Day 3

The third day of the #RPGaDAY effort is about “First RPG Purchased.” After the last two days of posts, I’ll give you one guess which RPG was my first attempt at being a game master… 

D&D of course. But I think the first complete RPG I bought was the James Bond 007 box set. And I think I found it at the Goodwill store.

james-bond-007-rpg-boxes (Small)Growing up, we bought a lot of things second hand at Goodwill and I would spend HOURS going through the books section looking for something out of the ordinary. I picked up all the 1st edition paperback versions of Ian Fleming’s James Bond series and one day stumbled upon the Victory Games box. I was ecstatic. The box had everything inside, including a pair of d10 dice. Win!

As I recall, the system was a bit clunky, relying on long tables of percentages to determine the success of particular actions. We didn’t do much more than work out way through the adventure in the core rules book. Though we only played a couple of times, I think we had a good time.

The game that I went insane with picking up books for was Palladium Fantasy Role-play from Palladium Books. I’m including a picture that I just took this week of the nearly 50 books I found. That may not be all of them. They were scattered across multiple shelves and several boxes. There’s copies of The Rifter, RIFTS, Heroes Unlimited, and more. I’m beginning to think I have a book collection problem. 🙂

my-palladium-books-collection (Small)

Perhaps it’s time to pare down the collection a wee bit and sell off a few on eBay to other folks who collect game books!

Has anyone else gone insane collecting books over the years?

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2 thoughts on “First RPG Purchased – #RPGaDAY 2014, Day 3”

  1. I don’t actually remember. I’m going to guess that the first one I spent my hard earned money on was an AD&D module.

    On systems I got into, I did tend to buy a lot. (Which was cool of my parents to support the hobby given its tarnished reputation in the news at times.)

  2. I do remember, the basic set we started with we got from a toy store. A cousin gave us their AD&D books (player’s handbook, dmg, and monster manual, iirc).

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